Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by chockhead819, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. Admittedly I don't know much about it, but its been on local news up north, it appears that most of the crabs are about to leave because they haven't been paid for 2 months, rightly one says if it had been civvys they would have been on strike.
  2. Dunno about that mate, but we were told that thousands of crabs STILL haven't logged on to JPA, so its probably not surprising really.
    I had a snag in my December pay, rang JPA just before xmas leave and got given basically a "job number" for the problem and was told up to 10 days to sort it.
    Rang up again after leave to see if anything had been done (didn't expect much because of xmas etc which is fair enough) and the woman at JPAC went effing mad because it wasn't sorted!
    Passed it straight up to the supervisor with a priority one and I got a phone call onboard the very next day saying if was sorted and we're very sorry.
    You can't fault that service mate, never had anything remotely like that from the solitaire players in the UPO.
  3. They mentioned a certain website akin to this one for the RAF, & how the complaints had reached such a point it was shut down because of the complaints & language from serving personnel & wives of serving personnel
  4. Jeez thats shocking.
    It is a bit of pain in the arse first of all, but its easy to get used to and expense claims are fecking easy.
    Also if, for some reason, you owe the pusser money, JPA can't take any more than 4 days pay worth in a month.
  5. may be its worked for us cos 90% of us actually go to sea or work for a living.Unlike our civilian oppo's in light blue.You actually have to be near to a place of work to log on to a JPA terminal.
    I for one like Lamri have had nothing but good service.
    I was refused some expences on wednesday,and stormed into the office .Only to cut off at the pass by a killck writer saying "I'm realy sorry PO but i am new to this system aswell,and I just pressed the wrong button"He put it right in seconds few.
  6. I have to agree with the previous posts. Once you log on and get used to the system, it's pretty swift.

    I've made a few claims over the past couple of months and they've gone straight into the bank with very little delay.

    I believe there are some glitches for some of the more specialised functions, but for the majority of users, JPA and the enquiry system seems to be going well. Also, the UPO staff in the Naval Base are doing a grand job sorting out any snags.

    Looks like we did the right thing putting implementation back a few months!
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    chockhead wrote

    Please find something to substantiate your post. A link to the local news perhaps.


    and it is still active. Searching for JPA turns up no matches so perhaps the news up north is wrong or they didn't refer to a website "akin to this one".
  8. Fellas, stop saying nice things about JPA FFS. It'll crash if you keep tempting fate.

    On a serious note, is this he first post in the history of RR where serving members of the RN make positive and informed comments on a current naval issue?
  9. Clanky, a very good point!

    Keep Striving.
  10. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I don't think the search facility on e-goat has worked since the attempted Romanian takeover last month. I heard about this today at work apparently some Sgt, a mate of some blokes sisters' Dad, has gone home and refused to work because he hasn't been paid. The fact that none of the guys I work with knew said blokes name leads me to believe it's a bit of an urban myth...................

    However, it's also being reported on Arrse, apparently it was on BBC NE news tonight, and it is obviously true because the MOD have denied it :lol:
  11. thats were I saw it on Look North, the one that does the NE & cumbria.
  12. Good point.
    The only problem we onboard have wrt JPA is the lack of 'puters to log on to.
    Oh there are plenty onboard, its just that all those in the tech office etc are constantly locked out because all the officers flat refuse to use their laptops in their cabinos for some reason (apart from CdrE & SnrE until Ebay was disallowed :D ).
    Of course its not just the officers who do this, and we all know its not allowed, but who is going to shut down a locked pc just to get on JPA when the person locking it may have just gone to the heads quickly, leaving lots of work open?
    I won't, because I wouldn't want to be in that situation myself.
  13. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Got to add, I'm actually much happier than I'd thought about JPA. I suffered the tax glitch, which I am sure could have happened under the old system as well. My expenses have been paid promptly and as I travel loads that has been very welcome expecially after Christmas.

    The leave recording tool works ok, my LSA and separated service totals were all buggered as was a small matter of my deployment to hotter places being magically missing but that all seems to have been due to data in PAS being passed across incorrectly and that has since been identified and is in the process of rectified.
  14. JPA making the news amongs IT professionals
    See link to Computing magazine

    edited for IT person getting technical details of link wrong ( :tp: )
  15. Link don't work for me
  16. I am a reporter for the Independent on Sunday and I am working on a story about the Joint Personnel Administration system (JPA), which has recently been shortlisted for a computing award in the ‘Best public sector project’ category.
    My understanding is that the JPA system has failed to pay many service personnel on time or in full, which has caused huge problems for them and their families.
    I have seen numerous posts about the problem on this site and others but I was hoping to have a chat with someone who has experienced this first-hand.
    I understand there can be difficulties in talking to journalists for serving personnel so if you want to have a discussion without your name or other identifying information included in the final piece, this can be done.
    I am not trying to undermine standing orders or edicts from the MOD but, often, the only way to bring these problems to wider attention is to speak to people in this way.
    Obviously, for people who have left the services recently but have had a problem with the JPA system there are fewer restrictions on talking to me, so I hope you will consider telling your story.
    I know from previous posts on ARRSE and others that people like journalists to be up front about who they are and what they are up to.
    My name is Ian Griggs. You can Google my name and see what comes up or you can check this link ( to a previous article I have written. You can call me at the Independent on Sunday using the main switchboard on 020 7005 2000 and ask for extension 2856 (or call direct on 020 7005 2856). Alternatively, you can PM me and I’ll talk to you like that.
    Thanks very much for your help in advance.
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  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Ian Griggs has the approval of among others, PartTimePongo who has been fielding the press interest in ARRSE and RR from day one. How and whether those still serving wish to communicate their JPA pay experiences, good and bad is up to the individual.
  18. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Having worked for 3 years in a position overseeing JPA I'd like to know just from what position PartTimePongo is qualified to field the press interest either on ARRSE or RR. Is this member of the general military population, someone from the Focal points, the JPA Project Team, AFPAA (as was).

    There are people who get paid to do this to ensure the right facts get put across and MoD doesn't end up looking like a turkey when its not the case.

    The whole issue of JPA is complex you really need to know the background and the reasons why its was brought in before you can start to be overly critical and I think Oracle, EDS and SP Pol will be interested to know about this piece.
  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    And? More importantly has this the permission of MoD or Fleet Media? I think not!

    You're after some sensationalist rubbish with which to put down the efforts of a lot of people (service personell, civil servants and contractors) who tried to deliver a good product.

    Once you start a trawl like this all you will get are unsubstantiated and largely uncoroborated negative opinions - drips, which is what I suspect a journalist wants.

    If you want the bigger picture call Sp Pol - Fleet or MoD Media will help you I am sure.

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