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Hi does anyone have the Civvy landline number for the JPAC? i have recently left the great RN after 5 years of service to persue bigger and better things and i need my P45 as for some reason i never recieved one...



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Hmm, Google not working there then?! :?

JPAC Enquiry Centre

Contact details

* Open Monday - Friday
* 0700 - 1900 hrs (UK time)

JPAC Enquiry Centre,
Mail Point 465,
Kentigern House,
65 Brown Street,
G2 8EX

Telephone : 0141 224 3600
Freephone : 0800 085 3600
Overseas : +44 141 224 3600
Military : 94560 3600

[email protected]
haha...thank you very was indeed working however i was obviously being a bit of an idiot and not searching for the correct thing...
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