Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by TeddyT, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. Is it possible to access JPA over the internet (it would seem logical, to me at least) and if so what is the web address?

    Believe it or not, but I need JPA to help buy a car....who knew all of its uses?

    Thanks guys,

  2. No.


    You're welcome.
  3. Arse!
  4. I agree, it does seem odd that you can't.

    But about the car?
  5. Pop into your local careers office if you have one. If you ask nicely they might let you use a terminal for a couple of minutes? Army and RAF on JPA too so doesn't necessarily have to be RN office.

    Hope this helps
  6. No but my better half suggests using a terminal at an AFCO.
    Like the others i am curious to know why you need it to buy a car???
  7. What's the latest, TeddyT? Are you sorted?
  8. Have found a way around not needing to get into JPA. Long way round, and a real arse, but that's what JPA seems to be there for.....

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