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After 23 years before the mast I left in 2000. I had had my fill but after a while I remembered with fondness the good times. I was therefore quite happy to encourage my youngest son to seek a life on the green and crinkly. Then my my oldest decided he wanted to accept the queens shilling as a "rupert" .... good luck to him I thought.

Now I hear that, notwithstanding the dilemma the Armed Forces currently faces with regard to recruitment and retention, the "guaranteed" structured career progression, excellent pay rates etc etc, that were promised to my youngest son at the careers office prior to him joining up and slogging his guts out on tiffs course have been packaged into a massive cluster**** courtesy of JPA.

Sure he got rated, but he has not been paid in his new rate. Worse, some of his predecessors have been waiting months for their pay rise .. In the old days a Supply Officer was able to get on a phone, kick butt and, get an advance if there had been a cock up ... however, not now it seems ... why? Are there no Supply/Logistics Officers ashore? Is it because the RN is completely administerd by civvies?

A word to the wise at the top of the food chain (Flag Level) ....... look after the troops otherwise they will become so disenchanted that they wont be there much longer to look after you!

How many are happy with the service JPA gives?

If he is owed money, get him to go into his UPO and demand an emergency cash payment.
That will make them pull their fingers out.

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