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  1. So what does everyone think of this new JPA that will be coming in to service soon?
  2. Heard a rumour that 1000 crabs didn't get paid the first month thye went live. At least it has been tried on them first. I expect all the writers will be shown the door soon, replaced by a Pentium 5 (Are they that good?)
  3. JPA is being introduced for the RN in Oct 06 instead of Jun 06 as originally scheduled. Seems like there were one or two "issues" as the RAF are finding out.

    Unfortunately, many of the Wtrs in the UPOs and MACCOs will be going in Jun 06 as the manpower savings had already been declared. It's going to be a fun few months 8O

    Which software company is responsible for JPA? EDS

    Any truth in the rumour that the last RAF Vice Chief of Defence Staff has joined EDS?

    Just asking :?
  4. As a writer have not been told about any of these "manpower cuts" is there a way I can get hold of this information or is this just a gash buzz?
  5. As a side, I know when I used to work (not so long ago) in a pretty high position as a writer the general information was that there would be no cuts, just natural wastage!
  6. Crash - being sat on the lap of *** does NOT count as a "high position"! There will be no manpower cuts, it will all be natural wastage. Don't get ideas about redundancy payments, they won't happen!

  7. Here we go again. Can someone please post a list of the modern acronyms so that some of us oldies can at least have some sort of general/detailed idea of the subject you are on about?
    In fact an acronym thread might be a good idea, a good thing is it could work both ways old and new to help communication.
  8. JPA - it's the new Pay and Admin system which is designed to run tri-service. Currently on rollout to the Crabs, doing a sterling job of cocking up their pay so far. We are getting it in October. Self Service Admin rather than Writer-managed. Not good at the moment.
  9. Fair one PopeySailor I didn't expect them to be - after all we don't want to go down that redundancy line again. Also have a feeling promotion will stop - is it time for a branch transfer do you think?
  10. Crash - name ONE branch that you think would take you!

    Seriously, no. The Writer branch will head off down the lines of purple HR I imagine, could be quite a good one for employment outside the RN when you finally leave.

    The only other branches that could be worthwhile are the CTs or the ET(IS), depending on how they are used, but both could be in growth areas.

    Promotion will stop if they keep f**ing up with the 2OE signals again - note how many non-seagoers have been offered extensions in a branch which needs to clear it's topcover to let it grow. They should be letting those with limited employment prospects go outside, not encouraging them to stay in!
  11. I think that is all the result of the government target led system, get the numbers right and you meet the target, it doesn't really matter if you can do the job or the whle thing will fall down next year as long as you meet this years numbeers game. If nothing else it gives you time to work out how to fiddle them for next year if they don't change.

    You should see the health service scams on waiting list management. Yes they are the target size, just that not every one who is waiting is on them.

  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    “Measure what is important; don’t make important what you can measureâ€

    Robert S McNamara (US Secretary of State for Defence during the Vietnam War) to his air force chiefs on his discovery that they were using the number of buildings destroyed by bombs as a critical success factor.

    Unfortunately, New Labour have repeatedly failed to learn this lesson and keep making the mistake of simplistic measurement and reporting coupled with p---ed off people.
  13. If it was as simple as that it would perhaps not be so bad, but they are setting targets and then claiming to meet them by fiddling the results. For example you don't go on the waiting list when your GP writes to the consultant, you go on when the consultant gives you an appointment. So the six months it takes him to give you an appointment does not count as waiting time, but makes the figure look good.

  14. All very well and good, but what will the Whitehall warriors and been counters have to do, without any goals and targets to assess and set? God how they must love this loony lot in charge.
  17. I was apprehensive of JPA, like many of you I thought it would be slow and a waste, but to be fair it's not that bad. Leave is easier to apply for without having the hassle of forms to fill in and then running around trying to get them approved, also you're in control of your finances making it easier to change accounts or send to seperate accounts. All in all it's not bad, except as you would expect it's not bespoke to service needs it was taken from a civvy piece of software and adapted to military use.
  18. Front page of today's Sunday Express features JPA.

    Usual Sunday Express over-exaggeration of the problem however I hope that the RN has sorted this out and learnt from the RAF problems.

    I have no confidence at all in govt IT systems and in particular that bunch from EDS ... is anyone else concerned at the way they pick up Government IT contact after IT contact and they all seem to go tits up?

    Have just found out that JPA does not allow allotments. Anyone tell me why this extremely useful function has not been built in ... sure I can change to standing orders but allotments have been an easy and popular system for years .. why not build them in ?

    I am saving extra money each month into a builing society account for when JPA hits the Andrew - I see a cock up on the horizon
  19. Lies.....Damned Lies....and Statistics !!!!!

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