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Interesting isn't it? Industry has generally cracked electronic record keeping and pay and firms like Tesco, BT and large-scale employers get it right by tasking the right people.

MOD tasks numpties, with no previous experience other than passing Civil Service exams, to appropriate systems from civvy-side, then fiddle with perfectly good systems until they break.

Microsoft build in obsolescence on purpose. MOD's approach is that it'll never be obsolete if it doesn't work in the first place!
JPA not going well with the RAF. The tabloids are circling, ARRSE, PPRUNE and other sites are making this fubar very public. There is much disquiet from those who are weighed down with layers of gold on their hats and shoulders.....

I don't mind them cocking with my leave, I don't really mind them messing up my drafts, but I don't think I will be very chuffed if they mess with my pay...
Royal Marines have been allowed to convert Histroical LSSB 'Qualifying Time' at 60% prior to introduction of LSSA.

This is also likely to be available to RN personnel such as WAFU's in squadrons accumulating such unpaid 'Qualifying Time'. Good news for a lot of booties with time in who will be paid LSA at a much higher rate than LSSA.
Sorry, can you please confirm how I just read that? That the Booties have been allowed to count (at 60%) ALL previous LSSB qualifying time, regardless of wether it was prior to the introduction of LSSA in 1998?

Only my LSSB post 1998 has been counted towards LSA for fear of "putting the rest of the RAF at a financial disadvantage".

Stop Press

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away:

Following challenge from Army & RAF - Treasury will not sanction conversion of Historical LSSB unpaid qualifying time to LSA for booties and WAFU's....

The rot has started.......
Ah good to see JPA working fine.

I got my pay this month. It was ontime which was a good thing I suppose.

However, the fact that I (Sideways entry PO Tiff) got paid less than an AB this monthhas not made me a happy bunny at all..........
Perhaps someone can explain. my baby boy who is a chief tiff in the subamarine world tells me that the navy has not gone live untill the 17th nov,they have not been given their passwords yet, or is this peculiar to the submarine service? he tells me that what youre saying is a load of crap unless of course the submarine service is not being informed of whats going on, i spoke to him 5 minutes ago , can someone clarify?
After many enquiries from my division I went to UPO on Thursday and got the 'Official line' RN goes fully live on JPA on 6th November (Monday) however to prevent the servers crashing- as they did with the RAF- only 10% of personnel will be issued with their passwords per week or thereabouts, how they decide on each 10% is still a mystery. As far as my UPO are aware the first pay run for RN JPA is Christmas's pay run--Good Planning :oops:
beats me mate, maybe they are both secretly crabfat infiltrators :lol:

or maybe (it's only a conspiracy theory,but!) perhaps there was a special 10% :wink:

Either way my UPO only knew a lot about JPA on Monday, by the way I have been on JPA since May, and I am definitely a matelot, work that out!!!
The story at my place is that from 13 Nov, 10% of the passwords will be issued over the next 10 working days and you will be able to log on to check your details only.

Go Live isn't actually until 27 Nov.

However, I have my password already (no idea why) and can log on, but my details aren't up yet and probably won't be until the 13th.

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