JPA wots it all about????

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by draft_dodger, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Believe it or not looks like the RN has made a "good" decision not to go first with JPA. I wouldn't like to be a Crabfat at the moment or any other moment come to think about it......
    I've just got my first lot of promotional material on JPA - it's a mousemat and a mobile phone deckchair, can anyone beat that???? I may have to ebay them as they could be quite sort after!!!!!!
  2. I think all the Crabs who went on the trot three years ago and who just got paid again this month by JPA can probably blcak-cat that one. :lol:
  3. 'sake - mobile phones are banned in nearly all units, so why are they issuing mobile phone deckchairs? Joke, isn't it....unless you are in the RAF, in which case it's not too funny.

    Is that a gen dit about the RAF runners being paid? The Wg Cdr i/c project is not having a good time of it....
  4. I heard if you were on the run from the RAF or in DQ's you got paid this month...who says crime doesn't pay :lol: The rumour is to be paid in the RAF it's best if you are on "unpaid" leave..........
  5. Does anyone have the full story on this? I keep hearing that it went wrong but don't have access to the specifics.
  6. Hi All,

    First post on here - just found this site yesterday.

    I was speaking to a friend at a large airbase in Oxfordshire last week who gave me the lowdown on JPA. Apparently it takes about an hour to log on, the system keeps crashing, pay statements arrive after you've been paid (if at all), Home To Duties aren't always correct, pay isn't always correct, the HR staff are having a total mare . . etc etc.

    However, she's been told that "there are some teething issues with JPA . . " :roll:

    So that's alright then. Looks like we did the right thing moving right to October!

    N (Edited - spelling. Oops)
  7. JPA is an impending disaster compounded by the serious defects and delay of DII. Essentially, PSA and other services (drafting/appointing and pay) go offline before JPA goes online - take into acount also, the lack of training and non-availability for many personnel (mostly junior rates) to IT, it's a recipe for for a major SNAFU. HRMS has also been a mega snarl-up for MoD civil servants! From my perspective, there is no substitute for the very experienced and excellent Writers/Civil Personnel Management people who have provided an outstanding service to us. It seems to be yet another 'cluster f**k' although I am sure that those organising it will disagree!
  8. JPA is intended to replace the writers branch and thus save uncle Gordon lots of money. Since April 1st this year the rules have changed with regard to C30s for example in preparation for it's RN rollout in October. Now you have to provide a receipt for everything you claim, even meals you are entitled to.

    The crabs are having a lot of 'fun' with it - there's a good thread about it on pprune. Previous messages are correct, it would be a potentially good system if we had the IT to back it up - we don't. You will be responsible for your pay and leave account - great if you can get to a computer and have the knowledge of the system your UPO has.

    My concern with it is it would appear that all your personal details will be stored on it (including bank account details, dob, address, nok details etc) and the security system it uses is laughable and very easily hackable.

    I'm off before some scrote cleans me out, borrows my identity or something equally horrible, courtesy of MoD cutbacks.

  9. All I have to comment on this piece of crap being brought into service is the fact that I shall be leaving very soon and so glad I will not be caught up in any of it. Its arse and just another way of trying to save money with an unproven system introduction. Will they ever learn? I doubt it very much.

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