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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by chris1984_99_99, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi all!

    Ive just found (and obviously joined) this website. Glad to see theres something like this out there!

    Anyway as the topic name says, im having a bit of fun with JPA. Long story short, I had trouble with my back for a while (thankfully all over now!) but I was away from the RNR medically for some time, during which JPA came out, and since I did not log in or use it, my account was "suspended" or put into the archive or words similar to that effect.

    We have a writer posted to our unit who is looking into it, but he is only here for a month or so, and I have tried ringing JPA myself which ultimately proved about as much use as an underwater hair dryer.

    Im just curious to know if anyone has heard of anything like this happening before and how they got the situation sorted, ie: how they got their account "reactivated".

    Many thanks guys in advance!

  2. The only thing i can suggest matey is to go through your ships office (or whats left of it!)

    I did get cocked around at the beginning but i've always had a log so it was simple enough to sort.

    Good luck.
  3. I knew someone in your situation. He was on FTRS and when he left JPA could not cope with the fact that he went back to the RNR. I believe that it took him ages to get it sorted, although this was pre-having no ship's office staff.

    I have always found the div system helpful, assuming that you have a decent DO.
  4. I can cope with RNR and DO, but ?JPA and ?FTRS. Even though I don't really care what they mean, I just have to ask. WTF do they mean!? Joint Prostate Authority? Just Perfect Almost? Flying Textbook Recovery Service? F*** The Royal Signals?
  5. I believe its Joint Personal Admin.

    FTRS is Full Time Reserve Service.
  6. Phew thanks! You've quite made my day. :wave:
  7. Just a thought, but shouldn't that be "Joint Personnel Authority? Personal Admin means keeping yourself and your kit clean; or at least it used to. If I am wrong I bow to superior knowledge.

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