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I have recently done my JPA training using the online package.

Thought the concept of the training was very good - however, is it me or has anyone else found the whole training package mostly irrelevant and very boring?

Half of the training wasn't relevant to reserves anyway! I got the gist of how to fill in the complicated forms - but having to do endless streams of the same type of form was mind numbing.

Is there another way of doing this training and not having to be bored? I had to do it twice as the certificate didn't print first time around....tut
Well the approach I took was to not bother with the training, and rely on the online help if I needed it.

Never had any JPA related problems, I have had printed material go adrift once it's into the administranium, but there was nothing new there.

But I'd agree that the online training is turgid.
The problems i've had are as follows;

1. Not understanding the TLA's. (Why use TLA's on a computer based system????)

2. When you do know what the TLA's stand for its not always apparent what exactly they mean????

3. Lack of use. Because we don't seem to get away on weekends as often as we used to i find that i'm only using JPA once every three months or so and therefore forget bits.

4. Can't contact JPAC on a drill night and therefore can't be talked through the procedures.

If I'm honest i'm not keen on JPA. I'm not saying its all the systems fault but at least with the UPO you had someone to look at what you were doing and explain how to do things and if required ammend thing accordingly.


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What winds me up is that apparently you have to have taken the JPA course before you can attend your LRCC course. Got mine in a few weeks so now have to try and get hold of a log in account, get into the unit (not easy for me) and then do this daft course, which is more than likely irrelevant to reservists anyway.
As a matter of interest, how long did it take to complete?
Tall_bloke - it took me around 2 hours (not joking!) to do off a CD at home. It's unforgiving like all mock-ups of real applications where it doesn't let you click on a duplicated button (like "Next", "Cancel" being at the top and bottom of some JPA screens) as only one of those has been programmed to be 'correct'. It's mostly rubbish, like some pongo driving from somewhere in the south to Wales and a different return trip plus some wierd and wonderful expenses the RNR probably never claim for.

It's a pain in all parts of the anatomy. I help out other people when I can but the stuff regarding MMA at PCR (Trehorn's TLAs)... and getting it to the same figure as on the budget paperwork can be a challenge.

Tips: write down your username (service number and first 5 of your surname in capitals) inside your folder of JPA bits and bobs, receipts, etc.
Write down a reminder of your password and keep track of it when you get the prompt to change it. This avoids a call to Glasgow and not understanding them!
Then you want "other duty travel", no to change UIN, yes to have permission of the budget holder. Then the fun begins. Incidental expenses (UK) of £5 per day you input the total amount and the number of days of training, click on update and it will display that it does indeed equal a fiver per day. Awesome!


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Thanks for the update. I took the on line "course" this week, and found it incredibly boring and mostly irrelevant. Why they insist you have to do it before you attend your LRCC is beyind me.
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