Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by F.T.D, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Just checked bank and been paid for the third time in 3 weeks still nowhere near what i was expecting but at least i got something. It's great this jpa!!!! :lol:
  2. I have had one drill night paid, I am due >£750 now, so have asked for an emergency payment.

    CMR if you are listening - THIS IS CRAP! GET IT SORTED PLEASE.
  3. Ditto!

    Also waiting for > £900 from early November. My employer deducts RN pay from my civvy pay for when I'm away, so getting hassled in work.

    JPA HelpLine very pleasant but being pleasant doesn't equal getting paid! :(
  4. Nor finding out by over the phone from JPA that now get paid on last day of month rather than 14th :evil: Great in run up to Xmas that :evil:

    Lack of info is a joke.
  5. Suspect that problems may be localised (maybe to specific RNRU).

    I too have my RNR pay deducted by the civilian employer. Did ORT second and third week in November. Submit completed paperwork on 21 November and was paid begining of December.

    Did JPA expenses last week and the money was in my back 3 working days later.

    Suspect if you are not being paid it may be less to do with JPA and more to do with UPO/HR Office.

    However, having to go to my RNRU to do expenses, only to find JPA is being taken down at 1900 is STUPID. Does MoD not have a Service Level Agreement with EDS? If so, who signed up to one that means that JPA is not available when all the Reserve Forces need it?

    Why can we not access it from the Internet, it is not difficult to do!
  6. In fairness to CMR, this is a whole service issue I am afraid.

  7. Manny, I think my problem is that my ORT happened in the time after the old system closed down and before JPA started. My paperwork was sent somewhere to be input. It still hasn't been done apparently, which is a tad annoying given that it is now 4 weeks since I was away and I will possibly miss the cutoff for the end of December pay run so will not get paid until end of January 07. That, IMHO, is unacceptable.
  8. I done 2 weeks ORT in September and still haven't been paid :lol:

    No pay, no payslip, no morale, no hope..!!!
  9. Bash on regardless :?
  10. Call me stupid... (standby)

    I know that ultimately I'll get paid what I'm owed, if anything, and that's the point to me. So long as I break even I'm happy, don't tell CMR though, because it's always a nice surprise when that bit of extra dosh appears in my bank. I'm not paid an obscene amount of money by my civvy employer, far from it, but there are people out there who pay to do what we are paid to do. So much of what I have done so far, no amount of money would buy in civvy street.

    I think I'm jealous of those of you who have their RNR pay deducted from their civvy pay, I presume this means they give you the time to do ORT etc without using your meagre holidays. To do the training necessary, of my 4 weeks holiday a year, I get to spend only 2 weeks with my wife if I am lucky. I work weekends and she doesn't, to me the biggest issue is time not money.

    Everyone on RR appears to be dedicated to the cause, look at me, on my day off sucking it all in and you guys are all the same. My other choice would have been the Specials, no pay, just expenses, but it wouldn't allow me to escape my cumby job and enjoy time away with like minded people. The cash is a bonus, until they started issuing us with the kit we needed, it paid for it.

    So, call me stupid, but so long as I break even I'll be turning up and not worrying about what I'm getting paid, just being grateful that they are letting me do something that I love!
  11. Would just like to say that I have whinged to the CWtr at the Unit and he is arranging with the Wtr to have it sorted.

    So it is not all doom and gloom and I would like to offer praise where praise is due.

    Stand by for cakies all round when I finally get paid!
  12. Fresh cream eclair please!!
  13. Does anyone else reckon that we're going to be royally shafted come bounty time?
  14. Just don't spend it until you get it!!
  15. Nice sentiment Noemis and I do admire your honesty but.......

    I do not want to "break even", I want to be paid exactly for what I have done within a reasonable timescale. Maybe not the same month but certainly the next. Why should I expect this from my civilian employer but not from the MOD. To wait 3 months for 12 days ORT is in my eyes unreasonable and there is nothing to guarentee I will get it this month. New system or not I only want paid for the time I have done, unlike minewarfare... its not rocket science :lol:
  16. I dont think that JPA will be able to handle bounty :?
  17. Did anyone else get the JPA Brief that told us that we could continue to use the paper system if we wanted, it would just take a lot longer to process. Our UPO is now refusing to accept paperwork for expenses. No problem for me, but for those IT illiterate it is causing all sorts of worry and concern. Give the UPO their due, they are offering a one on one session to train those that need it, but I think that is more a good will thing rather than a directive from above.

    When will we learn that something this important needs a structured session promulgated in advance, over a few drill nights to allow everyone that needs the training to get it. That way if you can't be bothered to attend its your own fault.
  18. Your UPO/HR office/Ships office (Select as appropriate for your generation) is probably trying to wean you off the paper system as both the Chief Writer and Writer will be lost from the establishment. This will leave just the AO to do all the admin.
    Gosh, it's getting back towards what it was like when I joined. One retired officer and 2 PSIs (who actually were and did instruct). That was one PSI for each rating specialisation (Comms and Plot) Oh, and there were twice the number of reservists back then, and the Ships Office did the pay!!!!!

    Not knocking our current permanent staff, its the fault of the ridiculous paper burden that the units have to plough through.
  19. Was at drill night last night and payslips were in and a note in weekly orders saying that they are to be reinstated!
  20. I got my JPA payslip tonight, haven't a clue what it all means, just can't wait to get on the system to see what's what.

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