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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by scoobywrx, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. My son is currently on deployment and has asked me to check his bank statements when they arrive.He has a regular monthly payment of the same amount showing as JPA (Joint Personal Administration) with the same HMG code as his monthly salary.Any ideas what this payment is ?
  2. I didn't explain in much detail,sorry.He gets his salary paid in but this extra payment goes in on a separate date but is around one hundred and odd quid per month.
  3. Thanks,I'll mention it to him when he is next in contact.I don't think he was getting it whilst he was on the ship alongside in Pompey so I thought it was some kind of payment for being at sea.You can probably guess I don't have a clue about these things.
  4. Thanks again for the info

  5. Don't worry nor have the writers! That's navy talk for logistic HR types. They are all part of the S&S gravy train that really put the human element into their jobs.
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  6. Ha Ha,so you get the in the navy as well as civvy street.
  7. Just found out,the payments are for travel warrants.I assume you are allowed so many in a year?
  8. Yep, usually up to 10 per leave year. If there's a reasonable expectation of him completing the time served onboard to qualify for them. It's the one thing we get that annoys the bulk of the RAF and Army but as both do occasionally serve on one of Her Majesty's grey messengers of death, they're entitled to it as well.

    I'm assuming from what you've said that as he gets a payment, he usually drives or flys back home - which is where the hundred odd quid comes from. If he's getting the train and he's getting paid, then something isn't right and he needs to flag that up straight away.
  9. Get You Home (Seagoers) every month while on Deployment? This sets my alarm bells ringing!

    This an allowance I'm not fully familiar with unless I dig into the JSP but if it is similar to the Seagoers Warrants it replaced then I expect it is claimed for at the time of the actual journey.

    While I know you can transfer journeys to a spouse if you are deployed there are limits to the number that can be transferred.

    I'm sure there's nothing suspicious, after all, if something is being paid then it must have been authorised by someone.... unless GYH(S) mileage claims are automatically authorised??
  10. He has only had 2 of these payments for warrants. I'm guessing he must have applied whilst he was still in Pompey before deployment,he did drive home a few weekends and even flew one or two.
  11. I did explain that I didn't have a clue on these things and was only trying to establish what was going on.Iv'e only had access to his last 2 months statements.
    Ta for the help anyway

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