JPA - is it really a **** up?

Discussion in 'UPO' started by chockhead819, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. I came across a guy who "signed on" earlier this year acquiring the required signature from his CO.
    He applied for chrimbo leave in October only to be told he was going outside in november & his application had been declined.
    He has tried rejoining but has been told he has to wait until late 2010 before becoming eligible to rejoin because his regt has sufficent numbers.
  2. Sounds more like an admin fcuk up to me, but whatever the reason if he's been given the OK by the old man surely that should stand? My apologies if I've misunderstood.
  3. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    if he's been given the OK by the old man surely that should stand?

    thats what he thought
  4. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    Doesn't sound like either of these are JPA issues.

    Army manning is managed at Kentigern House in Glasgow, a recommendation from a CO is just that, a recommendation. It's up to the Army whther they accept the recommendation and allow re-engagement or not.

    So the leave is based on the fact that Glasgow haven't re-engaged him. Not knowing about it is a failure of the Regimental system.
  5. I know of someone who had put in their notice and had also had it removed and approved, however they then tried to log in to JPA one day much later in time they found that they could not log in.

    When they phoned the helpline and gave their information, they were told they had left the navy and the account had been closed.

    After much panicking and UPO phone calls etc etc he was re instated on JPA.

    The system is only as good as the information put into it when it is automated !!!!!!!!!

    Of course the mistake iniatially by either a civilian or serving member of not removing there notice on JPA was only an administrational error and does not matter.!!

    You could say they also should have checked JPA.
  6. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    The force are pritty much full now. And they are not short of people who want to get in. So they are not that keen on rejoins now unless they have smething very special to bring to the table. I now a few people who ave put there notice in and tried to take it out 6-8 weeks later to be bassically told that they are leaving next year.
  7. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    Feck me I do hope your not a LOGS(PERS) with spelling like that.
  8. No funny thing im not. If i had tried harder at school i woudnt have had to join up. Im sure people on here and arrse forget whatsort of people actually join the armed forces. Of course there are some clever people who join. But wars are not wont by good grammer and spelling. Gie your head a wobble.
  9. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    Fcuk me, that's fighting talk if ever I heard it. Take your face for a sh1t you ignorant [email protected] and go and flip burgers.


    Rant over
  10. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    Off you fcuk, there's a good chap.
  11. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    I thought you were an ET?
  12. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    I dont how true this is but i herd rumours when JPA first started that people were getting way over paid, anyone else herd this ?
  13. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    If that was the case for anyone, then they were probably required to repay the money. It most certainly was not the case for for the majority of people though.
  14. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    Yeah I got paid £14 Million pounds the day JPA came in. Instead of telling the UPO, I went and saw a civvy lawyer who told me to get a mortgage for that amount and then the mob would only be able make me pay it back at an affordable rate, interest free.

    Luckily I took this advice and am now paying back a £14 Million interest free loan at an OM's daily rate of pay, once a month for the rest of my life.

    I still stayed in the mob though cos I'm a good egg like that.
  15. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    Thats good advice, good on you son.
  16. Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    Well, if it helps, you may have noticed that ARRSE and RR have a large amount of serving personnel amongst their respective membership. Most of which have a basic grasp of spelling, grammar and English language. Most of us also joined because we liked the job, not because we are mongs who had no choice.

    Wars are also not won by generalising, dummy spitting retards either, but I think you'll find that some level of intelligence certainly helps.

    In short; you fcuking spastic.

    Edited to add: your retraction of notice statement is bollocks too, I know of many who have retracted their notice recently and have been allowed to stay in. I am one of them.
  17. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: JPA - is it really a * up?

    Something similar happened to me except the [email protected] took 5 million out of my account. The courts ruled they could only pay me back one days pay a month. I'm currently challenging the ruling, but its not looking good for my plans to be shacked up in Thailand for Xmas. Fcukn JPA.

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