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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by James_B, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Finally got a JPA login username and password, so I had a crack last night at submitting my receipt based travel expenses for drill nights since the introduction of the JPA system (everything since 1st Oct 2006).

    Got as far as the screen with a drop down for currency (GBP!) and Home to Duty as the type of expense I wish to claim. On the right hand side is a compulsory text box labelled "Authorisation" which needs a reference number which I understand would be on an RNR16 etc. if it was a weekend course I was claiming - which I am not, just drill nights (where a Z in the sign-in sheet column for standard journey wouldn't have done).

    Any idea what to put in that box? PM me (that may be the best thing to do).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I was under the impression that we got home to duties automatically?
    I am also under the opinion that we get paid for drill nights automatically.

    I thought JPA was for weekend training, ORT etc?

    Standing by to be corrected. Flagwagger, isn't this you're territory?
  3. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    No - however I wish I could get paid home to duties for a couple of drill attendances..... let's see Petawawa to Ottawa is a mere 110 miles, then flight from Ottawa to the UK and a quick dash up the M40 to Forward - that'd make the Support Manager's eyes water :)
  4. Oooops, my bad.

    Anyone else out there have any ideas?
  5. Damn the 50 mile expenses limit, eh :wink:

    Can you not just put in any string of numbers James?
  6. I might give it a go if the Writer really doesn't know about claiming receipt based drill night travel expenses - it's a sizeable wad of train tickets so anything's worth a try. I have a dream of being able to credit card my travel and see the money before bill payment time, so it doesn't actually cost me money to attend!
  7. I don't know if the same applies to the RNR (no reason why it shouldn't), but when submitting my expense claims I simply put the reference in JSP352 that tells me I am eligible, eg "iaw JSP352 Ch 10 para 5" or whatever.

    I haven't had any claims bounce back yet and when the UPO did a spot audit, it was accepted.

    Edit - Oh, and don't forget to keep your receipts for 12 months - for all expenses, no matter how ridiculously insignificant!
  8. Also I was advised by my Chief Wtr (before he goes) that the 50 mile limit to/from RNRU was quietly lifted as of 1 Nov, and that he had adjusted my allowance back to where it was! And he had done this for all those effected.

    If you are travelling more than 50 miles to/from RNRU I would suggest that you start claiming your full mileage again!
  9. I was told last night NOT to use 'Home to Duties' for such expenses - use the 'other' option further down (can't remember what it was now). It doesn't allow it otherwise. Authorisation at my unit is just the ships name.
  10. I'll give that a try. Cheers! (I'll let everyone here know if I was successful/jailed).

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