JPA Downtime 23 Aug - 3 Sep 13


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Ah, the joy of trying to get into Oracle. Spending hours doing a write up then Oracle crashing. I don't miss being a DO at all.
I'll let them know. I was lucky and had no issue, it might actually mean needing your system replaced with a new machine branded as being "made in Britain". One of the guys in the office received one.


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What ever happened to good old reliable pen and paper?

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So JPA has been updated and.... they've somehow managed to make it even more gash than before. The only upside at the moment is that it can load up really, really quickly on certain areas.

Two days of it working though and there's an awareness of problems into double figures that I know of. Who knows what the focal point in Faslane has got to see...

So far:
GYH journeys are showing as -505000000000000 miles. So we have to go into Oracle to check (Work! Woo!)
If you want to print your SJAR/OJAR off in word format, it adds bizarre symbols to give it a semblance of insanity
If you load it up for the first time, it will take nearly forever to load up
Ditto the Oracle side
The explanation for the new Absences screen is utter gash and has become counter-intuitive
The self service user guides have NOT been updated as promised

These are the main gripes for me and these are in areas that most users will tend to use or go to. I never thought I'd say this, but the previous version prior to the update was a hell of a lot better in most respects. I haven't even seen the pay statements yet, I'm scared to even look.

I can't believe that this was even tested prior to the update because it's as buggy as hell. The only thing going for it is the speed (once you've loaded it up after the third time)... If this was an SJAR then upgrade would have to be marked down as a D overall.

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