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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by thingy, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. I thought you RNR types may be interested in the MOD PUSS's reply to a PQ in the House of Lords yesterday.

    Lords Hansard: 27 Nov 07, Col WA107

    Armed Forces: Reservists

    Lord Rogan asked Her Majesty's Government:

    Whether, since the introduction of the joint personnel administration method of remuneration for reserve forces, there have been instances where some reservists have not received payment between January and October 2007; and, if so, whether they will provide details in each case.

    The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence (Baroness Taylor of Bolton): There have been no instances between January and October 2007 where reservists have not been paid their salary. However, delays or errors in individual payments can occur as the result of late or incorrect inputs by unit human resources staff, and can also be due to the failure to follow the correct payroll processes.
  2. With all due respect Baroness Taylor of Bolton one is talking out of ones arse!!!

    Another switched on/finger on the pulse labour f**kwit...!!

    Anyone feels that the Baroness needs some re education feel free join me and email her at the following address. I thought that I would ask her to slip the £700 im owed from JPA into her expenses......lets face it no one will notice with all the other bungs flying around the labour party at the moment!

    Baroness Taylor of Bolton
  3. I just hate it when people keep sitting on the fence and dont say what they feel..

  4. :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  6. I've sent a message to her, but for reasons of opsec and persec, I can't post what I wrote to her. according to the writetothem wesite, they don't have direct contact details for her, so they are sending a fax to the House of Lords fax machine instead.
  7. Anybody been paid this month? I'm owed a few hundred spondoolickeys and my credit card is not feeling well after xmas. I wouldn't mind so much but at least a hundred quid of it is expenses I shelled out on the assurance that I'd be paid back.
  8. Yep, but it might just be backdated HTD (not seen the payslip yet).
  9. Does it even matter? I know I'm out several hundred quid, but as nobody, including the Unit permie staff can understand the payslips, looks like nothing will change.
  10. By the grace of God we still have writers..!!
    And yes my unit is fcuking grateful for that! :hockey: :)
  11. lucky bugger! Can we transfer in to your unit?

    We have one never-there civvie admin.
  12. When writing to/emailing the Rt Hon Baroness Taylor of Bolton, you should use the salutation: Dear Baroness Taylor... Get scribbling folks! :)
  13. Erm.... Not quite sure that the PUSS was inaccurate. I have had many delays in receiving payment since the introduction of JPA (though never my expenses). Each enquiry has confirmed that the reason that I have not been paid is because nothing has been entered into JPA. The fault is not with JPA itself but with the Unit Administration failing to enter the requirement for payment.

    BTW, isn't it regarded as bad form to approach the MOD PUSS before exhausting the Chain of Command? I would feel a little uncomfortable trying to explain to my CO why I had written to Baroness Taylor before submitting a representation or complaint.
  14. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    've got to add people, that I have already said use the JPA focal point first. If need be get this done from a unit persepective. Going straight to this level will not endear anyone to their hierarchy.

    There are ways of skinning cats!

    Just a thought.
  15. Re expenses and JPA. This is the only good thing that has come out of it. You get them back within 3 days of inputing into the system. As far as payment in January, No I haven't been paid this month either and I know the details were inputted into the system very early in December.
  16. The problems i have had with JPA vary.

    I have had late payments and when they are chased up at unit level 9 times out of 10 the unit has submitted them correctly and in plenty of time but the problem has been the people at JPA or the system itself. Thats what i am told by the unit anyway and i have no reason to doubt them. They are usually very honest when the mistake is theirs.

    The main problem i have is that i seem to input expenses incorrectly. :confused4:

    I either claim something in the wrong section or i claim something that i'm not entitled to (we dont get subsistance for recruitment, we can't claim for over 5's if we're within xxx miles of our final destination, we can't use a shared reciept etc etc etc)

    Another big problem is that i have to go into unit to actually input my claims. Thats a 40 mile round trip. Our unit is only manned on Thursdays. JPA helpdesk closes at 1900 and drill doesn't start until 1930. If something is input incorrectly and refused by the unit i can't do anything about it until the following week, and thats only -
    IF I can get into the unit that week and;
    IF JPA is working that week and;
    IF i can gain access to a terminal;
    IF i understand what the problem actually is;

    Initially all this was made worse by the perminant staff not really understanding the situation from a reservists point of view. However this has improved massively since and at least we now get an email or phone call saying "I've had to refuse your claim because of X or Y. If you change this like that and re-submit the claim then it should be ok". At least we don't expect money that won't be arriving anymore.

    Another question i have is why does JPA use abreviations? I know the navy loves them but on a system such as this there's no need. Write in the full title and in these days of technalogical wizardry why not have it so that when you put the curser over the title a discription pops up of what it actually means including when and how you are allowed to claim it.

    I'm getting used to it but for New Entries it must be a bloody nightmare.

    And don't get me started on payslips. How hard is it to get them to actually tell you what you have been paid for? Its ok when the figures add up but when your pay is short how the heck are you supposed to know what bit is missing?

    I'm just not convinced that it is right for reservists.

    As for telling Baroness Taylor what makes any of you actually think she gives a stuff? None of the MP's listen so whay should dhe be any different.
  17. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Trehorn, these are the things you need to get your unit to write to CMR about. They will need evidence and quantified examples though.

    Before you give JPA (the software) a kicking, from what I have experienced at my own unit 95% of the snags are business process - that is either the humans entering the data don't get it right, or the humans monitoring/checking/approving do get it right. Don't get me wrong - its no wonder system - but generally its an improvement when you know how to use it. It does seem that a lot of the snags you and other reservists experience are because your training hasn't been good enough and your PSI's need more help.

    If this is highlighted (probably not for the first time) to the JPA Focal Point in DNPS - they can take a look at how to help. After all as part of the manpower savings that JPA was to deliver the CPOWTR and LWTR at the units were to be taken 'when JPA was delivering the benefit'.

    Sounds like they've gone before the business benefit has materialised, therefore CMR has a case to argue for help in whatever form....
  18. wave_dodger,

    I think that this highlights the differences between the RN and the RNR. With the RN, you know what you're expecting, so if it looks any different, you have a fair idea of whats there.

    With the RNR, things couldn't be more different. Under the old system, the payslip would tell us what dates we were being paid for, so we could figure the pay and the expenses out. Under the JPA payslips, we have no idea.

    For example, they screwed up my bounty and so had to pay me, take it back and then pay me at the correct rate. JPA doesn't like two bounties being paid in one year, so it then took the correct one back so I had no bounty payment at all. The only way to correct this way to pay me for a few dozen training days to make up for this. I'm still several hundred quid down as this only removed the debit they had placed onto the account, but I have no idea what dates are missing, and neither the system nor the unit can tell me. I'm lucky that I don't rely on the RNR or I'd be in a financial mess.

    It's not even worth complaining about as JPA/JPAC require proof of dates missing, but they can't tell me due to the above cockup.

    As for trehorn's comment about the available hours at the RNR unit compared with the JPA helpdesk, he has a very valid point. I've also missed out on expenses because they keep changing little things within JPA, so that we have to resubmit it several times after several conversations with JPAC as even the Unit permie staff don't know which entries we're supposed to be using.

    It really is a mess. Only difference is, I don't actually care anymore :) All I'd like from CMR in response is one thing: GIVE US BACK OUR CHIEF WRITERS!!! (please..)
  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oh, I don't know. It took me nearly a year to get my Op Allowance from Afghanistan in 06. Went to Iraq numerous times last year, and it took my LLogs (I know I am very very lucky) to storm :rambo: the UPO to sort out the payments after each trip, as for LSA - that took nearly a full year to resolve.

    The thing is, at each stage we would have 3-4 people staring at my payslip and/or the JPA screen all wondering what various entries really meant.

    I do sympathise, which I know is of no value whatsoever, but I still maintain that if we get the training sorted then lots of these issues will cease. I live in hope.
  20. Actually, my opinion is that if we fired EDS, we could re-invent JPA as something that perhaps worked.. was written in English.. where new recruits wouldn't have to all have Army service numbers.. etc etc etc ;)

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