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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by kingoftwigs, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. With the advent of JPA and the reduction in writers workload will they now be moved from the higher to the lower payband as surely their jobs scores will reduce significantly.

    Sorry to any writers out their, point was raised by an oppo and I thought it was worthy of discussion.
  2. King, I've been out for a while now, but somthing you have to realise, writers do not just deal with pay, that is/was only one aspect, admiitedly the most commonly seen one, and in the eyes of jack probably the most important. Bit I only ever had 1 UPO draft (my part 4) in my 7 years as a scribes, and it was probabluy the easiets draft I had.
  3. Mikh, as I said, it's not really my opinion but I did think that if my oppos thought that way it may well be something to discuss. I'm sure if you are familier with any of my previous posts I have the greatest respect for the writer branch.

    Especialy of the wren variety! ;^)
  4. I don't bunch of piss heads,

    Whats this higher and lower payband anyway, we all got the same when I went out in 95
  5. Welcome to pay 2000
  6. I know pay 2000 is a tired old thread so I won't blet on about it but I do see a significant change in the job with JPA.
  7. Just a thought....but how can you go from Higher to Lower, from looking at the pay scales (and bear in mind I am not an expert) I cannot see how you could sort it out to go down to lower pay band without taking a pay cut (not allowed).

    More to the point possibly, has this happened? to the best of my knowledge, in all the reviews most branches have stayed as they are and some have gone up.

    As for the writers moving pay band why should they, with the advent of Gas Turbines and Electric ships did anyone suggest that Stokers be paid less or with the advent of automatic messaging systems did anyone suggest that communicators are paid less ?
  8. An RS(SM) was on the higher pay band whilst a Chief RS(SM) [if thats what they're called] was on the lower. If you stayed at the same rate but was moved onto the lower band then you'd "mark Time Rate of Pay" until things equalled up.
  9. jpa's a waste of time
  10. Well yes, but it's here to stay. It will be part of the Navy long after I've left.
  11. I spent 4 hours sorting out 2 JPA claims today, thus the RN paid me half my daily wage achieving something a writer could of done in probably in a couple of minutes. Tomorrow I will invite a writer over to repair an aircraft and watch him take 4 hours on a task that would take me a couple of minutes. Oh the joy of being a jack of all trades, these IT con-men who take advantage of our Seniors, present a polished one sided view of an all singing and dancing IT system rejected by civvy street that will save £ X millions of pounds through the reduction in UPO staff, they forget about the £ 2X millions lost in reduced efficiency amongst the rest of the fleet.
    God help the British Army!
  12. Did you take into account the millions that will be saved coz Jack just can't be arsed to spend hour claiming peanuts?
  13. Oh, I make sure I claim absolutely everything, just to kick the arse out of it and to see how many times I can get audited in a single month!
  14. Yes I will be claiming my 50p mess fees, 65p paper, 30p phone call, expensive dhoby dust, fabric softener, laundromat , as close to £ 5 a day incidental expenses as I can get every day I am on detached duty. They will not save a penny from me, and no I am not a pikey before I may not of claimed all of my entitlements but I will do my damnedest to try now and take half a day over it so I do not submit a fraudulent claim.
  15. JPA may be here to stay but I hope that for the love of God they start to see things from the perspective of the deployed ship. Has anyone else tried to get through to the muppets at the JPAC (half of whom seem unable to string a sentence together) on an inmarsat phone which seems to lose the bleedin satelitte just as you are about to get somewhere? Or spent ages filling in one of those endless and counter-intuitive forms only to find that the internet has gone down because, funny old thing, you are in a ship at sea (and not sat fat, dumb, happy and wholly ignorant behind a terminal in the brand new Fleet HQ with a constant internet connection)? Who in their right minds thought that it would be a good idea for jack to have to ring a call centre in Glasgow from his deployed ship bobbing about in the middle of the ocean to sort out something a decent writer could have sorted out in 5 mins? And what of the poor writer? He spends most of his time trying to fend off increasingly angry and frustrated "self-service users" and trying in vain to make sense of a system he's had two and a half days training in.

    I tend to agree that the Navy seems to have been sold a bit of a pup here; it really would be interesting to see the figures for this (i.e. how much the system cost initially, what its running costs are (on a yearly basis - and I bet they rise as newere "versions" come in) and what the savings are - not potential, not projected - how much has it saved?) and I do hope that someone does manage to unearth them and place them in the public domain (not me, this is a subject for the Press and they can do it without anyone compromising themselves by putting in an RFI (or whatever they are called) iaw FIA). After all, we can hardly bleat on about defence not being given enough money if the amount we do get is wasted on an expensive IT system which seemingly makes life much harder for everybody. I admit that with any new system there will be a degree of settling down but the support (or lack of it) is quite shocking. The preparation for the implementation of the system was poor to say the least; the training was non existent and no one seemed to know exactly what the screens would actually look like (i.e. how the system would appear to the end user) until about a month before the go live date.

    In short it's been such a cluster that I think we need some kind of Fleet wide "get well" package. It is neither sufficient or acceptable to allow this to continue and / or bat the problem straight back to the ships at sea.

    Rant over and no, I don't feel better!
  16. I believe my feelings on this subject have been pretty well documented, but just case, I'll sum them up again:

    JPA is a great big steaming pile of horseshit. Keep the Expenses side, but rewrite it so you don't need 5 years experience working in a TE's Office to understand what you're claiming, bin everything else and give us back PAS.

    Never happen of course, but since we're all fantasising....
  17. Unfortunately you will not be able to claim back your 50p for mess fees in you Incidental Expenses. As an auditor or Approver I would reject it straight away and recover the money. (Thems the rules.)

    As for the rest of JPA. If the system allowed the Writers to promote you and sort out your pay without 15 different people have a say in what we are doing your pay and all the other gubbins would be sorted out promtly. Unfortunately this is not the case.

    The whole idea of JPA is good but fundementally flawed by the split of responsibilities.
  18. Exactly. CPOAEA's have been messed around as JPA does not take into account the bars at levels 4 and 7. In Feb I went up to level 5 without being qualified (bars are crap, no other trade seems to have them). I did an online service request, and they came back saying,'it's not our problem, we gave you your yearly increment as we should have'. Balls.
  19. I have always claimed my MIE under JPA and have been paid it, is this another lie to stop people claiming.
  20. Unfortunately this is not a lie. As an Auditor, if someone had claimed MIE on their claim and it came across my desk I would ask for a recovery in accordance with the regulations.

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