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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by NautiusMaximus, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi Everyone

    Now I've heard bad stories about JPA, and my reaction was "surely it can't be that bad, can it?" But I think the answer could be "yes, it can".

    My situation is this. About a year after joining the RNR, I've finally got my service number so in theory I should start getting paid (should be enough for a pretty healthy round of drinks if I actually get paid for everything I've done in the last year). But having given my bank details to my unit pay office, I've been told they can't enter them onto the system because I bank with First Direct, and JPA doesn't recognise First Direct as a proper bank.


    Surely I'm not the only person in the whole RNR who banks with First Direct? Is there anyone out there who also banks with FD who knows the way round this?

  2. It was the same for me with Nationwide.

    During the selection process nothing was said about it - however at Raleigh I was told I'd need to open a Lloyds account (the only bank on the establishment) to recieve payments.
  3. JPA can deal with First Direct, lots of regulars use it.

    Sounds like someone doesn't know what they're on about, but blame the system anyway, because it must be the computers fault :crash:
  4. JPA had a problem with pay last month it appeared to effect anyone who had either just joined of recantly chaned there bank details. I know of one case where the person's wages were paid into a closed account!!!!

    JPA is an awful system, it was never fully road tested and this is what you are left with. the help line will blame "writers" Logs(pers) and they will tell you that it's the help lines job. The truth is it is the help lines job to sort problems like this out as the writers are simpley NOT able to alter JPA in that way.

    I have herd rumors that people have now started threatening legal action against the navy, how true this is i don't know but sooner or later the system will crack and alot of people will be covered in a hell of a lot of egg.

    If you want ring the helpline again and ask them again, when they fob you off ask them for there full name and staff no. then when they ask you why state your nameing them in legal proceedings against JPA for non payment. (do this even if your not going to) It will put the fear of god in them, trust me. Also they appear to answer esupport requests faster than phone calls don't ask me why though :sad1:
  5. JPA is indeed an awful system and I would not defend it.

    The instances you refer to here though are nothing to do with JPA, and would have happened under the old PAS system (and frequently did). If someone changes their bank details and doesn't inform JPA in time their pay will, quite understandably, be paid into their old account as that is the one held at the time of payment. Only one person to blame for that happening.

    The frequency of wrong bank details being submitted by New Entries is really quite frightening. The question "where did you get this account number from?" is often met with a blank look and "dunno".

    There was a case recently of a recruit copying the bank details of the person sat next to him at the 'form-filling-in' session. That was not the fault of JPA.

    Yes, JPA is awful, and the amount of personnel who have pay problems through no fault of their own is totally unacceptable. Those that cannot be bothered to attempt to help themselves have little sympathy from me I'm afraid.
  6. No the guy i speak of had changed his account in time using the help line.

    mays pay went into the new account

    junes pay went into the old account

    JPA's explanation was a small system roll back!!! WTF a small role back!

    Maybe they'd like to role back my leave ANOTHER thing that JPA is unable to get right.
  7. Fair one bkb, I am aware that JPA does odd random actions such as you have mentioned and I stand corrected. My comments do have some validity though, believe me.
  8. I'm not questioning you comments mate, I fully concore, some of the part 3's we've recieved in FASLANE should have been put down at birth. for there errors and I feel real sorry for writers they must bear the brunt of people anger on a daily basis I can't name one person who has not had cause to contact JPA over F'up's.

  9. Singing from the same songsheet here I think bkb :salut: :thumright:
  10. I bet all of the Part 3's you suggest should be put down at birth have a better grasp of the English vocabulary than you do :thumright:

    Have a nice day
  11. I know fine well that i have difficulty spelling I am dyslexic! dunno maybe pt3's have changed since i was one but i never spoke back to a higher rate or blamed my time keeping on the fact "my alarm clock anoyed me, so i did not turn it on".
    The only mistake I ever made was joining the mob, because for ever decent person i've had to put up with at least 6 stupid skimmers.
  12. Actually the "I am Dyslexic" excuse is akin to blaming your time keeping on your alarm clock. I might add that in my time for every stupid skimmer I have met, you could double that number with arrogant submariners.

    Have a lovely evening
  13. well thats were you and me differ.

    Besides that this thread is now off topic thanks to you, the original post was about JPA and it's failings not if i can spell, are pt.3's worse now than 10 yrs ago or who is better skimmers/submariners thats another thread.

    JPA is a huge failing and indicates just how far behind the MOD have fallen, it terms of the real world. Sometimes us in the forces forget about the real world. The RNR provide the bridge between us and the real world, if JPA treats them poorly then it reflects badly on us. It does nothing to retain them. The MOD is not a profit making company and it never will be until it starts acting like one.

    You may feel that the MOD/NAVY/RAF/ARMY is not supposed to be profit making. That argument is valid until you relise that the goverment sole purpose is to provide value for money to the tax payer. JPA was the cheepest option and gave them the chance to get rid of writers once and for all. In the long run JPA does not provide value for money. It provides budget cuts, one year from now some officer in whitehall will state we need x% writers less this year, lets cull some.

    To list all it's faults would take forever, since it came in the two most important things for a sailor, pay and leave have been screwed up. Never once has JPA failed to deduct any thing such as food/accom. But when it comes to paying out well hey JPA panics and decides that ignorance is the best policy. In somecases JPA has taken matters into it's own hands and deducted what was not supposed to be deducted. In everything there is an element of human error this is fact and will not change but part 3's who are new to the system should know better than to copy the person next to thems bank details, but hey they speak english don't they? They understand that in the event of war they may die don't they.

    JPA does however have one real advantage, it's ability to provide me with information I did not need to know.
  14. Ehhhhh?

    OK I agree JPA sucks- There you go back on thread.

    Have a nice day
  15. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry but that's utter rubbish - how by using a system that is essentially the same as used by 100+ blue chip organisations have we fallen behind?

    You think that the only way the RN has contact with the "real world" is via the RNR?

    ok, why does MOD want to be a profit making company?

    What a load of complete rubbish - JPA was not the cheapest option by far! How doesn't it provide value for money? We've replaced 3 ageing pay/personnel systems that were absorbing huge amounts of money to maintain and now we have one that does more and costs less to operate!
    Great I can stop all that work on PR09 and let JPA do it!

    I could go on dissecting your post you have no real basis for an argument ita just a pointless rant.

    I'd be interested in your list

    I've never said, or would agree, that JPA is perfect BUT it is a marked improvement on the old systems. PAS at the "front end" was better but creaking behind it were a pay and personnel system that had fundamentally died. Pay, allowances often were screwed up (for the Army even more so), in some ways not much has changed.
  16. Nationwide Flexaccount works fine if you give them the right number (I believe they all have a common sort-code 070116 and the branch address that shows up on JPA is the HQ in Swindon, not the one you opened the account at). You have to ditch the 6 given on statements etc before the 8 digit account number when you fill in your AFCO form.

    Not a clue about First Direct but it probably has a common sort-code relating to their HQ.

    Lloyds will rip you off for withdrawals abroad like the rest of the banks. Great tip from the Navy! Their LINK ATM at Raleigh is the same as any other (Abbey round the corner?)

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