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Anyone remember this:

"The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence (Baroness Taylor of Bolton): There have been no instances between January and October 2007 where reservists have not been paid their salary. However, delays or errors in individual payments can occur as the result of late or incorrect inputs by unit human resources staff, and can also be due to the failure to follow the correct payroll processes. "

Well it would appear to have stimulated the Baroness to look a bit deeper:

MoD Pay blunder hits Armed Forces From the BBC:

More than 50,000 military personnel have been underpaid by hundreds of pounds a month.
Thousands more armed forces staff also had to reimburse the Ministry of Defence after almost 20,000 overpayments.

New figures released to the House of Lords revealed the blunders, which have been blamed on errors in a new system.

It comes amid criticism of sub-standard kit, accommodation and pay levels within the armed forces.

The figures show there were 50,764 underpayments and 19,546 overpayments between January and November last year.

There were a further 7,589 payments where the MoD was unable to say whether they were higher or lower than intended.
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