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Discussion in 'UPO' started by james12, Oct 19, 2012.

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  1. I have just had a letter through the post at home saying JPA over paid me more than 5 months ago and now i need to pay them £600, I've been outside for 3 months, is this bad JPA or do i actualy have to phone my old pay office up and pay for their mistakes they made almost half a year ago. ?:banghead:
  2. "It is your responsibility to check your pay statement for irregularities or mistakes"

    So, there you go.
  3. I was still being paid for 6 weeks after I left and told them 4 times (all recorded, names and DTG etc) this was happening because "It is your responsibility to check your pay statement for irregularities or mistakes" but it made no difference.

    8 months after I left the bill dropped through the door (and for a lot more than £600) and yes I do have to pay it back.

    Sorry to blackcat on all counts but your not the first and definitely won't be the last.

    edited to add don't bother phoning your old UPO as they're not interested, phone JPAC Debt Recovery on the number on the letter, you'll get no joy there either as they don't have a complaints section. Just suck it up and pay it but keep all details of phone calls, letters and payments.
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  4. thats a bugger, i was hoping to ignore it
  5. I'd still be inclined to wait for reminders etc. james12. Even plead poverty. Let them wait and only pay when and if it gets a bit heavy. From what you've said it appears that you do owe the money, but JPA have cocked up so let them wait.
  6. Sounds like it was the good old LSA gag again.

    What we need is a system is that allows us to process LSA payments either after the exercise/operation or be able to go forward in time to end it on the expected end date. This would solve most of the problems in a stroke.

    It's a good idea, so it'll never happen
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  7. Blimey WLS, a pretty accurate diagnosis on little info. Is this (the LSA thingy) a common occurence with JPA and leavers then? Not a pop I hasten to add, just curious.
  8. Try to explain that you can't afford to pay it back in one go and tell them all you can give them is £5 per month
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  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Making writers accountable for their **** ups may go a long way to solving pay issues too.
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  10. I told them that as it was their cock up I'd only pay them £50 a month, they wrote back saying that was not acceptable so I composed a very long snotty letter explaining how they'd cocked it up etc etc and also looked up on the internet about paying debts off and put that in the envelope and stapled a cheque for £50 to it.

    They never answered the letter and I still send off a monthly £50 cheque. If the debt is below £5000 they can only take you to a small claims court but if you've made at least one payment, it's proof of your willingness to repay and they won't get far.

    All that sounds a bit lower deck lawyerish and you need to do some research into debt recovery before you contact them but, in my experience, you'll end up knowing more about it than the person on the other end of the phone.
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  11. Not taken as a pop, but a fair question - I'm just that awesome. Actually, in my experience, LSA is normally the main reason why money has to be paid back because some move and track has been either been incorrectly completed or it's not been done at all. Not just Navy, I've seen it happen with the Army as well. (Stand by the AIP issue though)

    Whether military clerks should have continuation training is for those above my pay scale. We're still waiting for a decision on the new version of the Rolling OPS to be issued, when the old one really isn't fit for purpose any more. It could be a motivational thing or actually having personal pride in their work - it would be better for another thread to save derailing this one though.

    Writers are accountable for fuck ups though. Maybe it just needs to be more obvious when it happens? My suggestion is we wear
  12. your right, it was a LSA overpayment

  13. So did you get any explanation from your UPO as to why that happened before you left the mob?
  14. Well it seems that royal marine pay clerks are notvolunteers but pressed men who don’t won’t to be there, So to ask one to dosomething he doesn’t really understand like sort your LSA out was a bit much (plus the fact they are not accountable for mistakes they make). So I just haveto suck it up and pay I guess

  15. Bringing this old chestnut back to the fore.

    The pay statements are being redesigned as a result of new contracts being signed. These are supposedly going to much easier to understand, however as government contractors make regular appearances in Private Eye, I wouldn't hold my breath.

    I don't think I can get too excited over this, but someone might.
  16. But you would have to agree that the ridiculous system where you are either paid for the whole month, or not paid at all, based on where you are on the 15th, makes checking LSA far more complex than it ought to be with a computerised system.

    I regularly travel for 1 week or 2 weeks stints and because I am aware of how the system works, can cope with noting how much I expect to pay back the following month and then doing the whole LSA vs LSA arrears sum next time, but even that is more complicated than just taking back a simple sum you as the figures always go back to the start of the month.

    I agree entirely that we must check our own Pay Statements, but if our system is such that it is still adjusting peoples pay so far down the line then it needs to be put right. Couldn't there be a process for a manual 'settling up' of the account for service leavers at least? How about a mid-monthly correction of LSA arrears / debits rather than waiting so long? Perhaps I ought to put these in the JPA suggestion box rather than asking these (rhetorical rather than directed at anyone in particular) questions online.
  17. Been a long time since I had a W on my arm, way before JPA, but scribes was always brought to task for his (or her) **** ups, right up to Discharge SNLR. The thing is though, its not always the scribes fault pay got fucked up, I had one COMMACHIO booty whos food and accom charges were so screwed up when I took over the He-K section at Neptune UPO that it took about 20 man hours to sort (20 hours does not sound like a long time I know, but to spend this amount of time on just one account was a pain) and it was all down to his unit not keeping accurate records of his movements and not correctly reporting them to the UPO, poor sod was OWED hundred £s.

    Now tiddly has posted bits and pieces in the past (if memory serves, apologies if I am wrong) having digs at scribes, so I can assume at some point he has had a run in with the UPO over pay and he was not overly happy with the outcome, all I can say is suck it up, its worse in the real world with a lot less comeback on the administrator who fucks up
  18. How can you have less comeback than none at all ?
  19. Unless things have very much changed, you do have some comeback on a scribes, even if it is only his/her chief taking them to one side and having a quiet word in their shell like. Not sure how it works with casuals etc these days for someone who has had their pay fucked up, but out in civvie land when your pay is fucked up, it can take weeks before you see a penny - even if you have not been paid at all, depends on company policy, some do instand transfers so you get your dosh the same day, but many use outside contract to look after pay, so this is not possible
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  20. Which'll probably what will happen in the future. Especially as rumour is rife that Nelson is set to be completely civilianised.

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