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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 2badge_mango, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. 10 o'clock news.
    The MOD has given permission for the Cornwall 15 to sell their stories to the newspapers.
    God help us!!

  2. Richard and Judy, The Paul o Grady show can`t wait.
  3. And 2 weeks 'comp' leave to fit it all in.
  4. I'm sorry - does anyone begrudge them this? After all that they have been through? And do you think that the Mod is going to provide them with support when the demons come in the night?

    If nothing else they will be able to pay for good mental health support and not wait for the NHS if they need it.
  5. Wouldn't deny them that Rosie. Was thinking more of what the journos will do to their stories before they appear in the papers.

  6. I think it's the timing rather than the action. they've only been back 10 minutes and looking for a pay cheque.
  7. BBC Online news report here.

    Looks like some of them may become rich enough to resign from the Andrew then!
  8. It is simply shocking - get captured (ie dont do your job right) and you make 5 times the average sailors salary in one story - I'm sorry, welcome home, but you signed on the dotted line like all the rest. I AM APPALLED - HAVE SOME DIGNITY
  9. Please explain how they did not do their job right. You of course have been in their situation and fought your way out of it.
  10. I find this rather telling

    From the BBC on-line report

    "The Sunday Times reported the marines had decided to pool their money, giving 10% to their service benevolent fund, while the sailors were expected to keep theirs individually."

    This could lead to a whole other thread couldn't it? Are Royal Marines more team players than Sailors?
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Selling there story.What do you think?

    This will open the floodgates for all disaffected service personnel- I honestly used to think it was a good policy banning us from speaking directly to the media.
  12. Re: Selling there story.What do you think?

    ermmm how does that work then..... why dose every one feel the need to share these days....
    and which morning show will get them first
    or am i being untrusting...
  13. Re: Selling their story.What do you think?

    I don't agree with it myself. I think it belittles the whole thing.
  14. Re: Selling their story.What do you think?

    Lamri agreed.I think if the 15 came back did the press conference thing ad had their 15 mins of fame,then it would of finished with the RN /MOD in a positve situation. If any of the 15 do go for gold I fear they will lose a lot of support from the public and armed forces.Best keep stum me thinks.
  15. Re: Selling their story.What do you think?

    Let Jack & Jenny get a piece of the action. they are far more deserving of making a few bob out of their experiences than any of the Big Brother contestants. Hope they give a percentage to naval charities though. if it were me and I got a substantial amount I would want every member of HMS Cornwall to lift a glass or two with me.
  16. Re: Selling their story.What do you think?

    Absolutely, imagine the bunfight when Max Clifford gets involved. It is all going to go to a ball of chalk.
  17. Re: Selling their story.What do you think?

    I agree with P3. Those guys will be taken to the cleaners by the media, PR gurus and the like. Once they have their stories they will hang them out to dry, following which there will be a tabliod feeding frenzy into their private lives. DON'T DO IT!

    NB: Before the usual ex officers begin moaning in the media, they ought to remember that their lot were the first one's to cash in with their memoirs, biographies, etc. Remember General Sir Peter de la Billiere's biography, "Looking for Trouble"? That caused a bit of a stink, even more so as he set the precedent for a whole raft of SAS exposes. Another cock up, in my opinion.
  18. Re: Selling their story.What do you think?

    slim I disagree with you mate. If any of them cash in on this .How long will it befor a few ''ship mates'' get fed up with it and spill the beans on messdeck antics etc etc. I am sure you know what I mean .Also the outcry from other members of the armed forces would cause a lot of ill feeling.

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