Journey - you mean how I did something

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Scouse_Scribes, May 19, 2014.

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  1. Whats all this bollox about my journey this and my journey that. Every man and his dog now goes on a journey

    Why can't people say what they mean without dressing it up with this "my journey began when i was a young lad/lady" crap

    There is a post on the site, "my journey into the Royal Navy" containing someones life story. My journey into the RN was somewhat simpler, it involved the 09:36 from Liverpool Lime Street, Change at Birmingham New Street and arriving in Plymouth, thank you British Rail

    I does my head in, no one talks about how they did something, they all went on a journey

    Monday morning rant over
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  2. Relax; it's modern day crapspeak. Everybody has to be theatrical now Listen to girls on a train/bus these days and it's "I was like" she "was like", with all the animations. We've somehow arrived on a different bloody planet matey. I'll raise you your gripped to my really gripped.
  3. Calm down,Calm down, S_S (Oh dear) Seen your abbreviation...:rofl:Im just making a 'journey' to the head for number 2's. Like a blog about it? :tp::-?
  4. Is a 'blog' crap speak for 'a big log' by any chance?
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