Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by simon, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. Believe it or not this is the only way to make contact with you lot - please give me a contact number /address : I'VE GOT ONE HELL OF A STORY
  2. Yes: and, OK, giz a clue?
  3. Have you not thought of phoning whatever newspaper you want to sell your HM Forces-bashing "story" to... :roll:
  4. Or just type it here ,we are all waiting with baited breath.
  5. mines more bad than baiteld

    DO you want to sell a story or picture? Call us any day free on 0800 279 3786, text us on 07770 381560 or email us [email protected]

    Contact Max Clifford (Managing Director)
    Address 50 New Bond Street


    W1Y 98A
    Telephone 0207 4082350
    Fax 0207 4092294
    Website Coming Soon
    Email [email protected]

    I'd say they weren't that hard to get hold of any would have replied if this story was so great......
  6. I have to be completely protected - can't just phone up any old joe bloggs on a newsline and tell them what this is about. I NEED A RELIABLE CONTACT IN THE MEDIA. Please recommend me to someone if you can't help me yourself.

    If i tell all here I WILL GET SUED !! :(
  7. Is it in the best interests of the Navy and the Country as a whole? Or is it just to further a party political agenda or vendetta against another person?
  8. You realise you can get sued anyway if your story is deemed to be fake/without consent or about me :lol:
  9. Drop us a line - [email protected] with a 'taster' of what it is about (no details). We have an extremely good source in the media who will help out.
  10. EEERRRRRR hello have you all gone mad you do NOT talk to the press. i know we dont have a union and we have to put up with a lot of bollox that the press would have a field day about, but bottom line is security and lets try to preserve it eh. no matter what the story is it will do more harm than good because when there is no news it is easy money for the press to slagg the armed forces off. so lets not give the wankers the chance.
  11. Got to agree, the first rule of fight club id don't talk about fight club.
    You signed the act same as the rest of us, zippit!
  12. Bernie, this is why Bad_CO posted;

  13. Dont you just hate posts like this?A tantalising tickle but no real story!
  14. I'm amazed that any of you would encourage or even to aide someone to pass on an unsanctioned story to the media - pretty poor judgement in my humble opinion.

    I agree with earlier comments; the press never fail to miss an opportunity to stitch the services up so why the hell should we ever do anything to help them out.

    Still, go ahead and crack on; you never know - this simon guy might just be trying to create his own story "Service personnel caught aiding undercover reporter to leak information" :roll:
  15. More like "Dickwad with no life stirs it up for Website"
  16. Cracking! andym - you're missing your vocation in life. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  17. Just tell it like it is Shippers! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. Agree with you there mate :twisted: :evil:
  19. Simon,

    How about these people? I'm sure they can point you in the right direction? 8)
  20. PM please
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