Journal: "Royal Navy Troops In Training Exercise On Gateshead Quayside"



The mini “civil war” had broken out after rich residents based in Newcastle tried to take on poorer people in the south, who were mainly asylum seekers.

That would be the worst tactical decision in world history as it would mean that the skinny scene dweebs from Ponteland, Gosforth and Jesmond decided to start on all the Felling and Wrekenton nutcases. That is probably the equivalent of Jean-Paul Sartre deciding he can have Lenny McClean.

Are you the fat one getting your collar felt?
Nah, I'm the one feeling his collar:cheers:

It was actually a really good exerciseand they should be run more often. Once you get over the fact that you have one of the best nights out in the UK on your doorstep and that's as close to it as you're gonna get all weekend you get stuck in and enjoy the scenarios.

The Germans were a good laugh too. "Why are you shooting at us, we are friendly. You have seen us on the history channel!"

And the chef should be signed up to cater for every RNR weekend! My post Christmas diet went well out of the window.

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