Joseph Reginald Middleton Chief Yeoman of Signals

Can any body help please?

My father was Joseph Reginald Middleton Chief Yeoman of Signals. He served on HMS
Troubridge between Feb 1943 and Jun 1944 according to his service records. In Jun
he was awarded 2 Mentioned in Dispatches, which I think was in connection with Operation Husky or the bombardment at Pantelleria. I remember as a boy seeing these framed
on our living room wall, but we could never get him to talk about what happened.

After the war Aug 1945 to Jan 1946 he was Officer in Charge CCO, Commodore Hong
Kong.Then moved to HMS Pembroke RN Signal School Chatham till his discharge in
April 1948.
He also served on the:
Diomede and Dunedin between Oct 1925 and Dec 1929 and again between Mar 1935 to Aug 1937 in the south Pacific.
York from Jul 1939 to May 1942 in the Med.
Quilliam from Oct 1942 to Nov 1942 where he received a Hurt Certificate
The remainder of his service was at shore based signal schools in Chatham Milford etc.

I am interested in finding out more about his service, particularly the reason for
the Mentioned in Dispatches. I doubt if there is anyone alive who would have known
him, but any information would be welcome. He spent all his life in Government
service involved in confidential information so never mentioned anything to us,
now it is too late to ask, as he passed away some years ago.

Any information and guidance on where to look would be helpful. I myself are now retired and living in Spain, so all my search is via the internet or post.

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