Jolly Sailor - Portland


War Hero
Councillors granted planning permission for the Jolly Sailor Inn inCastletown, Portland, to become a 16-bedroom care home for adults with mental health problems.

Oh the Irony :)

Used to drink in there when first drafted to 4 ASRM and Fearless going AWOL from that daily war shit.

On Manch during workup one of the Chief Tiff's "fell in love" with the Barmaid in the JS ... can't remember her name however she wasn't returning the passion. Got talking to said barmaid one night and found out about it so persuaded her to let us have a photo of herself in minimal clothing in a provocative pose. Photo then found it's way into a prominent position on the Gronk Board and said Chief Tiff was invited to the mess on a call round! Talk about sense of humour failure!

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