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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by spearfish, Feb 28, 2008.

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  1. The Submarine Service is well known for using Jolly Rogers to denote successful operations.I have seen some of the WW2 ones at the RNSM and also a few at the Submarine school at Raleigh.Does anybody know of the location of any others?What happened to Conqueror's Jolly Roger?
    Would anybody at the Submarine school at Raleigh be able to supply me with some pictures of their jolly Rogers?
  2. London Branch of SOCA used to have some on display at the monthly meetings in the UJC
  3. Polto is an instructor at Raleigh submarine school...give him a PM
  4. PM sent.Does anybody know the location of any of the more recent ones or have a picture of a boat flying one?
  5. On a related topic, does anyone know what each of the daggers, bars and stars represent.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I went to an Old Submariners cremation a couple of years ago as the Dorset Submariners Association representative.

    They carried the coffin in draped with a Jolly Roger, as soon as the service finished I grabbed the Funeral Director and made sure that the JR wasn't being burnt.

    It came from one of the U boats if I remember correctly, but I couldn't bring myself to ask the family to let me have it.
  7. Look at HMS Turbulent's return from the Gulf in 2003.
  8. Do you have a picture?Also who made it and where is it now?
  9. I was on Conqueror and have a photo somewhere "posing" with the Jolly Roger. I'll have a look around the loft and see if I can find it - I think I used it to wrap up the Control Room Log:thumright:
  10. Here we go...3 pics I just happen to have...




    I think the second one is Venturer, can't remember whose the othe two are although the first one might be Upholder's...
  11. I think Turbs' one is in the the atrium...
  12. Excellent stuff.Any more from anybody else?
  13. .

    They are jolly and they have all been rogered.


    This is H.M. Submarine Seraph which took on Operation Mincemeat in which a dead body, dressed as a Royal Marines Major - Major 'Martin' - was put into the sea, with a briefcase containing Secret false papers to put the Germans off the whearabouts of the invasion.
  14. Are you sure that was Conqueror's ?I didn't know she had taken a shot at a skyhawk!
  16. It's Avenger. The stupid Royal Naval Museum has that written under the pic, it's a bit naf not to have the correct description under the pic.

    Sorry about that, I've edited it.

    I should have realised they are skimmers, not a real man amongst them, and I have no idea what sex the one on the left is.
  17. Thank you for the Seraph pic.A story about an ssn with a secret deck gun would have been quite interesting though!!
  18. I only know some of the symbolism:

    White bar - merchantman sunk
    Red bar - Warship sunk

    Star - gun action

    Bar with a U - submarine sunk

    Dagger - secret mission, cloak & dagger

    Recent Tomahawk launchings feature a pair of crossed 'hatchets/axes'.

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