Jolly Jack the bank robber

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, May 14, 2013.

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  1. OK - yes - I have shamelessly stolen this thread idea from next door!

    So, imagine if you will, a group of matelots have succesfully managed to pull off a bank job. How could the witnesses and Plod possibly identify them as being the pride of the RN.....?

    I'll start you off with -

    OK matey, grab your end of the grip........ and 2 - 6, LIFT!
  2. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    If they had been planning the job at sea on say a 3 month med patrol and they did the job first day ashore the witness(s) would probably state that the gang had no getaway car and walked swiftly but crab like away from the scene.
  3. The flange grease steaming bat imprint left on the counter?
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The steaming turd left in the Bank Manager's desk drawer? (Reminds me of a particular case I had in the Dockyard some years ago...) :shock:
  5. You had a case with a turd in it, you're weird you are!
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  6. Of course this is assuming they are actually successful.

    My guess is that it would pan out something like this:

    "Shipmate, fill this grip with all your Ickies or I'll put my steaming bat into your grid."

    "Er.....excuse me?"

    "I said fill up my grip with clebbies shipwreck or this Samson bar is getting wrapped around your swede."

    "I have no idea what you are talking about."

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  7. Right troops, leggit - in the Tilly NOW!
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  8. Jack forgot his ROE Cards so didn't know how to challenge the bank clerk once inside, ends up trapping her instead. Two weeks later rocks up at fresh cases with a drippy cock.

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  9. It's quite odd but when I was a little sproglet in spare crew in Dolphin, me and some other chaps used to don our No.2 rig, a tin hat and grab a wooden stick whereupon we would go to Lloyds in Gosport in the back of a tilly to collect the fortnight's wages. Once we had the bags of cash the officer in charge said somethng like "Right troops, leggit - in the Tilly NOW".

    Safeguard, 2 clips 2 pins.
  10. Used to have to stand outside the pay office at Collingrad, similarly attired, on pay day. Dunno what two 16 year olds with a tin hat and a stick apiece were supposed to do.
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  11. Don't forget the white gaiters
  12. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    No 2 rig would be gaiters the colour of baby cack.
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  13. You're right AAF, when "guarding" the UPO (or Pay Office as it was then) it was green gaiters, same as if you were wearing 8's.
  14. Not a bank robbery, but a bone Postie managed to deposit the ships mail in the night deposit safe of a bank in Ardrossan.[jock land however it's spelt]
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    There was of course the story of the CPOWTR on board HMS APOLLO (??) who had opened a private account in the name of "S.O. Apollo" - this was back in the days when the SO would drawer the Ship's cash and Ship's Company would give a cheque made payable to him for the amount tendered. CPOWTR xxxxx would take cheques through the counter and take random ones and pay them into his private account, taking a substantial amount of money.

    There was also the POWTR and Wren on board one of the carriers who did a runner with the contents of the petty cash safe and did a runner alongside in Malta..?

    Others with better memories on here will no doubt dispute/corroborate these stories... :oops:
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  16. Me and a couple of other Junior Seaman did "Pay Escort" for Whale Island on a couple of occasions. I remember standing outside a bank in Commercial Road with my pick axe helve. We must have done a good job because when we joined the Forth, in Malta, we did much the same, except we switched modes of transport. In Pompey it was a Tilly, in Malta we travelled by ships boats.
  17. (POWTR) Stanley Oliver Achilles was the chap - a clever little ruse involving ditching the cheques and balancing the bank statements himself - just to save the Supply Officer the hassle of course. I understand that the figure was thought to be around £45k but possibly a lot more due to the lads not keeping particularly good records of their cheque cashing exploits. Whatever, it was a small fortune in those days (late 70s I think). 'Couldn't' happen now due to checks and controls. Probably. He certainly won't do it again as I understand he bought the farm some time ago.

    The second one was, I think, the Invince and it was a POWTR(W) ran away with a PO Tiff - she was the Bonnie, not he the Clyde. Whilst awaiting CM she was drafted to MoD London and I worked fairly close to her in a department full of civil servant and seniorish officers, so we started knocking around together (not in a sweaty way, though I would not have put up much of a fight as Sylvie was pretty tasty). A few questioned the propriety of me going and getting pissed with her now and then, but she knew that I knew and I knew that she knew that I knew, and we never actually discussed the matter until I went on draft and wished her luck (in Holloway I do believe it transpired). She offered me her phone number (pre mobile days) but I declined as the Para hubby had been mentioned in the red tops (ha! no pun) as being non too chipper with matelots hanging out of his missues. Must say I quite liked Sylvie and obviously never heard from her again but hope things worked out well for her once she'd done her time.

    Wish I had now.
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  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Thanks Guzzler. I understand that the incident on board the Achilles was one of the major reasons why we subsequently had to make cheques out to "HMG Public Sub-Account xxxxx" rather than to the Supply Officer?
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  19. Panter, who now calls herself Sylvie, was stripped of two good conduct medals. Luff, who was jailed for 15 months, lost three.

    I feel seen off, I did over 30 years and only got one (plus a clasp)
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