(joke) Origin of the word "Marine"

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by BootneckYank, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. When I was a young US Marine, an old SgtMaj. told me this, I thought you Royals might get a kick out of it. Marine: The sound sh*t makes when it hits the fan; MAH-reeeeeeennn!!!!
  2. I was told once by my P.O. Gunner that Marine stands for:

    M uscles
    A re
    R equired
    I intelligence
    N ot
    E ssential

    So when I repeated this in front on of 10 members from 45c, they were not best pleased! I wonder why :roll:
  3. thinking mans infantry Jenny ..come on love-switch on :)
  4. MUPPET.

  5. Marines...

    Strength of a carthorse,
    Speed of a racehorse,
    Brains of a rocking horse.

    Also one FOR our friendly and utter respected Royals upon them meeting up with a Para...

    Only two things fall out of the sky,
    Paratroopers and bird shit.
  6. Marine, a pongo who can swim, and still the most effective fighting unit in the Armed Forces.
  7. Commando-


    Also is it true when boot-necks join up they get a choice of keeping their brains or trade for a chunky watch.

    "What you want Royal, half your brain or a chunky watch"?

    "Chunky watch"!
  9. I do find jealousy such an unattractive trait, don't you?

    Ah, well! Anyway, all you matelots get back in line and leave all those nice officers alone. Those who fail to do so will be keel-hauled [if not hung] - by ADMIRALTY orders.

    Nuffin to do with me, Gov! I was just implementing Navy rules.

    Doh! Where's all the emoticons?????? Not more cutbacks in the Admiralty budget I hope! ;-)
  10. The only problem with Royal Marines choosing the watch is that somebody has to teach them how to tell the time!
    I believe that Dog Watch Instruction in time-telling is very popular at CTCRM.
  11. Hey Bootneck, ever remember Capt. Tom Moore (Greenside in brownside out) a good old pal of mine.
  12. "Dinty" Moore! Greenside out, brownside out, run in circles scream and shout! I didnt know him personaly, of course, but I think I still have a couple of his books laying around somewhere. Funny, I never knew he was an officer. Mustang perhaps?
  13. Yes Moore was a Capt. I met up with him a few years back in Kansas along with Maj. Gene Duncan.
  14. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What about their nickname 'Bootneck'. Now it has been suggested this comes from the leather stock they had to wear in the olden days to keep their heads up.

    However, a new source for the name has been uncovered. Apparently is was because when they were being shagg ed by the Wardroom, one of the occifers had to put his boot on the maureens neck to make sure he stayed still long enough.

    Hence 'Boot - Neck' :lol:

    I await incoming 8O
  15. It does so make me laugh when the SBS (Silly Bloody Sailers) only have the bottle to slag of Royal via a keyboard.

    They were always very polite whenever they came into the CinCnavhome Print Shop in Pompey Dockyard. Otherwise they new for a fact what the reaction would be.

    1. "It's going to cost Jack!" Or; 2. "Go away in short, sharp, jerky, erotic movements Jack!"

    And the term Bootneck comes from Jack having to ask:

    "Please could you remove your Boot from my Neck Royal? I promise faithfully to behave in future" :twisted:

  16. Blimey, a matloet dreaming about shagging another man....that's a turn up for the books.

    Maybe that's why they are still in disgrace.
  17. At BRNC in the late 1990s there was a baby Royal Marine officer who announced to the mess one night that Marine stood for:


    He was an awfully clever marinn....
  18. Thats why we never let them hold the map.
  19. Worst thing in the world that is......An officer with a map!

  20. is that before or after a "matlot with a rifle"?

    yours aye



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