Joint_Force_Harrier - Adieu

Bored with the site, all the good uns have gone apart from Dapps, Sumo, Waspie, Billy etc see you on the other side shipmates have a good one.

JFH logging out for good :(
Nooooooooooo, don't go - We'll get through this!!!!!!
Teething troubles - (I hope). FFS don't leave me alone with the nubbin's and their inane questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Well thanks a bunch! Give him all my Pickle and Nelson/Traf Night dits and don't even get a mention.

Wafu prat! (and Witney - see what I did there!)


War Hero
Sad to see you go JFH, particularly in the year you could've earned your third Rum Ration GCB - the average matelot only plays at being a silly bugger for six years.

Having also been an active member for over a decade, there's been a constant ebb and flow of contributors. I do tire of it myself when I find one forum goes quiet, I flit over to Arrse or one of the lesser forums or social media sites for a bit.

Personally, I'm not sure whether social media as a whole is in decline outside of niche areas where people seek information as well as banter. Facebook bores me on occasion and I've never got into Twitter. Snapchat, Instagram and the likes have never appealed either. Jesus, before long I might have to resort to actually talking to members of my family and friends who are in my company instead of sitting in the boozer, messaging those who couldn't be arsed but are more important than those with me.

Social media, it's all my arrse, let's go back to graffiti.

Its no good tagging him @redmonkey It would appear he's deleted his account.
Fcuk me, he serious then!!!!!
When i get a twat on I usually just bugger off for a month or three.
Deleted his account - social media suicide!!!!!
Ahhh well, nearly Easter, there’s been a speight of resurrections about that time of year!!! You never know JFH may have a second coming. (He said in religious not sexual overtones)