Joint Service Skiing Quals Recording on JPA.

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by yicker, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Somebody out there must have skiing quals AND got this recorded on JPA.

    I've got APA/TLT and JSSI(A) but as Indie don't have JPA access I don't have them on my competencies. The certificates say it's the individuals responsibility to ensure the qual is recorded on JPA (no, it's the lead school's responsibility but Indy doesn't have JPA access agghh!). I've presented my certificates to our PTI's on several occasions but they are so busy(?) that nothing ever happens!

    So, if you do have these quals and they're on your competencies list, can you please let me know what exactly is recorded (ie in the format AT|skiing|joint etc) so I can spoon feed the info in.

    I've looked on JPA as Course Administrator but I can only find some Army Bronze Skiing quals.

    Help much appreciated.


  2. What on fcuking earth are you going to do with skiing quals, as you like to put them, in the freakin navy :roll: ....
    You make me so angry! :evil:
  3. Well I'm not going to rise to that apart from to say it's time for PDev not time off for PDev.
  4. You are stupid.
  5. Isn't that what aircraft carrier 'Ski Ramps' are for...Der :D
  6. MrBullCrap

    Royal Marines are in the Royal Navy and they can ski - have you never seen photos of them training in Norway?
  7. yicker

    It might be a good idea to ring the JPAC Enquiries Team at Kentigern House - here are the phone numbers - I recommend that you give them a call:

    Freephone : 0800 085 3600

    Telephone : 0141 224 3600

    Overseas : +44 141 224 3600

    Military : 94560 3600
  8. Bullcrapper - check your PM.

    I look forward to your response.
  9. Cheers Soleil, I'll give them a go.
  10. It amazes me that you still don't have an O2 thief tag you complete and utter hoop nugget.
  11. Yicks, Just so that I feel like I am still on an English speaking website, and for you to actually impress me, :wink: please explain my bold. 8O
    I have no clue what it means. 8O
    Thanks. :)
  12. APA=Advanced Progression Alpine
    TLT=Tour Leader Training
    JSSI(A)=Joint Service Ski Instructor (Alpine)
    Indie=Joint Service Mountain Training Centre Indefatigable
    JPA=that loveable computer system which is meant to make all of this easy!

    Hope this helps, JSP419 is always a good read too :)

  13. Cheers :thumbup:
  14. Alright, i got what you were saying, well i might have concentrated a little bit too much on the skiing part of the tittle, and skimmed through the post,
    got you weren't talking about reserves when you replied.

    Thought that i would do a runner at that point! :D
  15. Go and play with traffic you dullard.
  16. What the fcuk is this meant to mean? I suggest you read something before replying to it then read your own reply before submitting it you muppet.
  17. I didn't get what all the abbreviations stood for....Jeez...
    It's like trying to talk to an angry old, deaf pensioner who thinks you're after his wallet..... :D i do like marines.
  18. Neither did Rumrat but his response was far less controversial than yours. Perhaps you could learn from your betters.


    Just for your info, I ain't a Marine.

    Hopefully you'll now stay out of this topic unless you've got something useful to add.

    Many thanks.
  19. Alright, i'll go jump on someone else's back, probably someone who actually cares about me... :(
  20. Best it's a very very long jump then.

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