Joint Harrier Force!!!!

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Dec 15, 2009.

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  1. :oops: The MoD is to close RAF cottesmore to release funding for 22 Chinooks. No word but much speculation on the future of Joint Harrier force.

    Harriers to go to Wittering before being phased out
  2. Good, its a shit hole!!! Maybe Yeovilton would be a good place to stick Harriers!! piss off a load of crabs for a change!!!
  3. I think the ending of JFH is the subtext to the closure of Cottesmore. Not much of a subtext, really, since even MOD's briefing that the force will now 'retire early'.
  4. Fcuk that, stick 'em in Culdrose. Too noisy.
  5. Looking like the end of fixed wing Naval aviation then, cant see Torpey and his cronies handing it all over.
    Crabs will still drip when they are doing all the sea time!!!!
  6. When are they going to retire harrier then? What is early? I thought they needed them for CVF as JSF isn't going to be ready in time.
  7. Ditto. It begs a lot of questions.
  8. Do you really think we will get the JSF? there will will Navalised Typhoons on the new carriers, heard it from a reliable source that moves are afoot to beef up the undercarriage for deck landing, and arrestor landing.

    Standby for Joint_Force_Typhoon and more back stabbing and in-fighting.

    The RAF will not get rid of 1(F) Squadron, only bit of real history they have.
  9. Is Typhoon euro fighter?
  10. *Big capability gaps alert*

    On a related topic, Defence Internal Brief 2009DIB/50 spells out our Future Helicopter Capability.

    In brief, For the FAA:-

    Sea King dead in 2016. RN to take ALL Merlins. Mk1s not earmarked for Mk2 to be converted to ASaC.

    Don't know if Junglies are relocating to CU.

    Wildcat to be based at VL.
  11. Na, due to defence cuts it will be these Typhoons...

  12. They would probably be ideal ground attack aircraft in sandy places. They've done it before.

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