Joining with tinnitus on my recent medical history?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by synthman, May 24, 2014.

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  1. Joining the navy is something I have been wanting to do since I was around 16 (I'm 19 now) and a few days ago I went to the AFCO in my city to look more seriously about making it happen, but I've had mild tinnitus for around a year and a few weeks ago I noticed it got worst so sought help from the doctor who referred me to an ENT doctor, I am having an MRI in a few weeks and my guess is it was an ear infection which made it worst for a while (Basically I just wanted to find out if there was an underlying problem causing it - not because it has crippled me, and I'm scared the words "MRI" on a medical history will cause alarms to ring to the medical examiners). I have also had a hearing test and my hearing is fine.

    Anyway I wondered if this is something which might prevent me from getting in, or if it might delay me for a few years if not forever? I feel a bit like I wouldn't be sure to do with myself if this doesn't go to plan ha :neutral:

    And thank you in advance for any help/ advice!
  2. Did you not speak to the adviser about this when you went to the AFCO?

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  3. I was told the people to speak to thoroughly would be in on Tuesday so I am going to go back then, I just thought I would ask incase anyone had any experience with anything similar
  4. Tinnitus will be a show stopper as it indicates inner ear problems. As you state you have had it for over a year, it would indicate it's not due to one heavy metal concert or an infection. I suggest you read the eligibility criteria on the RN careers website and definitely fess up to the Careers Advisor.

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  5. It all started from a few shifts I did at a bar over a year ago and I have told doctors this, alot of people have tinnitus they're entire lives and there is not always or even usually an underlying medical cause. Do you imagine if the MRI shows no inner ear problems that it my application still going to be taken as a no no? or if there was an infection/ cause which was swiftly sorted out that it would disqualify me for a few years further?

    I was not planning on holding anything back from the careers advisor either if thats what you were hinting, it is just something I have which I decided to have looked at, and the medical criteria just lists ongoing disease of the ear nose or throat as being disqualifiers?
  6. An MRI may not show the cause for your tinnitus, but will shown if there is structural deformity etc. You said that you have passed a hearing test, but not a military standards version. We look at more frequencies and grade the thresholds to give an overall standard, which is beyond what the NHS considerscto be normal.
    It is good you intend to be honest, and with that try to collect copies of the records you have in respect to the tinnitus as they will help decision making on the doctors behalf. It may be worth asking your CA if an enquiry can be made to the medical authority once you have the info.
    Good luck

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