Joining with depression.

This is my first post so please be nice :)
I have my recruitment test in 2 weeks and am hoping for sponsorship through university in order to become a marine engineering officer.
I've always wanted to join the navy and now don't have the commitments to stop me. However I have one snag which I am worried is going to put a halt to my plan.
I have had depression on and off for the last couple of years and am recently back on medication.
Can anyone clarify whether this is going to be a big enough problem to stop my application? Whether if I come off medication in time for my medical will it be less of a problem?
Thanks, hope someone can give me a hand :)


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Definitive medical advice can only be given by a qualified service medical professional. That said, in order to manage realistic expectations, in the case of mental health issues, the rough rule of thumb is the individual needs to be more than three years symptom & treatment free. The period of treatment is also a significant issue.

Best of luck.


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Hi. Ninja is quite correct with the concerns about your medical history. Any medical fitness decision will have to be made on the history of symptoms, causes, treatment and length of time you have had the illness.
My advice is be honest, definitely don't just stop any medication without your doctors advice and good luck.

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