Joining with ccj's?

Im joining up as an AET. Ive passed my RT but have 2 ccj's which are both recently payed off but will still be on my credit record for a few will this effect my SC? Will this stop me from joining?


I'm not sure what the score is with CCJ's but I was on an IVA (basically a debt management plan) And was granted security clearance. I had to wait a little longer for my clearance and sit through a face to face interview where someone came out and went through all my finances. As long as you've sorted yourself out and got on top of your finances you might be fine, but don't take that as gospel. Have all the details for the CCJ to hand and evidence that they've been cleared.
Also be prepared to have to explain you're circumstances to someone in a face to face interview and prove that you can manage your finances, that's what I had to do anyway.

When you fill out your SC form online it asks about finances, debts, CCJ's and all that. It gives you a section to explain about any reasons for debts etc. So put as much info in these sections as you can and then after you've finished the form just wait for the next stage and go from there.


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Unresolved CCJs are an outright bar to entry.

Assuming the CCJs are revealed in the experian credit check, you'll be sent a Financial Questionnaire and may well have to produce a letter of satisfaction from your creditors to demonstrate they are fully resolved.

It's also worth being aware that after joining, further financial irresponsibility can be a cause of discharge.
Thanks for the help! Ill be recieving my certificate of satisfaction from the courts ASAP...but my AFCO seems to think i need to have my ccj's removed from the register which is not possible until the 6 years from the date they occured is up. My finaces are all tip top (apart from the ccj's) now i just made some irresponsible choices in my younger days....not joining the RN sooner was one of them! Thanks again.


I had one CCJ on file mate. It was included in the IVA, so technically hasn't been paid until I'm free from the IVA in 2019. Best thing to do mate is get the SC form filled out as soon as possible because the process can take a while.


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If you have taken responsibility of your financial affairs, the SC bods will be happy, as long as that stays the case, you may find that you get additional SC checks that others do not, once all credit issues have been removed from your credit profile the extra watch over should stop, but no guarantees. The same applies for civvies working for X Companies who apply for SC clearance.
There are many reasons why people get into debt, try not to let it reoccur, as @Ninja_Stoker said, that could screw things up.

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