Joining while married to a Russian

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this thread. I'm currently applying to be a pilot, application is going fine but I'm worried about a more personal matter.
I've been with my girlfriend (who is Russian) for almost 3 years and am thinking about marriage. The question isn't about whether I should or not but rather, hypothetically, would there be any consequences or risks in my career due to her being Russian?
Any help greatly appreciated.
I know of a case of somebody who lost their SC/DV for marrying a Russian while in service. Of course marrying in the Ukraine in uniform, with his line management finding out from the facebook pictures probably didn't help.

I'd flag up your intentions to your ACLO now if I were you.
I do know of one officer who is married to a Russian, he was removed from the boat toot suite when it came out. I don't know if he married whilst serving or before he joined.
He was asked to leave the RN, via spending 6 months with the British Embassy in Moscow acting as a Translator for visiting ships.

He was in our MCMV for a few days. Nice, but slightly odd, chap.
He was a nice bloke and I do agree with the odd bit, almost to the point of strangely odd, he was the Hydrography instructor in the submarine school for a while, which is where I met him.
When my other son who is a pongo had his kit ride 2 years ago, there was a lad with him who was a British/Russian dual national. If he was allowed to join I don't think there would be a problem. Ok, I'm ready for the incoming...:D


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Generally speaking zulujools the average matelot has more access to things of a classified nature than the average pongo.