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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by steveo_2e, May 20, 2009.

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  1. hi guys ive got my heart set on subs but i wonder weather u think i should do a few years surface 1st to see some of the world before going under?
    im rather torn at the mo as im onli 20 and really wonna travel!
  2. Depends on weather or not you can handle the whether on the surface eh? :wink:
  3. I have been wanting to ask this for ages, if you stay in fleet for a few years, can u transfer to subs, i know that you wil have to do sub training to get your dolphins
  4. I did 3 years on skimmers before joining boats, definitely the better way to go and if you don't like boats once you get there you only have to do 5 years (1 sea draft in reality) and you can go back to skimmers, you keep your dolphins but NOT the pay.
  5. If you're first class at your job and of 'superior' intelligence then yes.
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    If you join boats it is very hard to transfer to the surface fleet. If you have doubts join the surface fleet and then transfer.
  7. This matter has been discussed on these pages two or three times in the past year or two. The general consensus of opinion is that if you wish to see some of the world then join general service and do two or three deployments then volunteer for boats. If you do not like them, then five years later you can return to General Service. If you join boats direct and are drafted to a SSBN then your only run ashore until you wangle a draft to SSN's will be Faslane and Coulport about 5 miles as the crow flies unless you are the lucky 1 in 8 crew that goes to the states for a test missile firing if they still do that and that could be years.

    In the really old times only people who had done 2 or 3 years sea time got sent to boats.

  8. If I were you (but I am not!!!)
    I would spend a couple of years learning to write 'proper' like wot we do!! before doing anything then you might pass the exams to join the 'mob'
    Then do a few years on skimmers to see the other side of the coin as it were before commiting yourself to boats (or submarines NOT subs, muppett)
    Bon chance!
  9. Good advice and consistent with advice offered on similar threads in the past.
  10. well polycell thanks for the writing advice but as this is a chat website ill use slang thanx! when i passed my psychometric exam the otherday i spoke to the chief and she agree'd with u all so i guess thats what ill do
  11. Yes agreed it is a 'chat' website but some of us diesel oldies don't under stand muppett speak so just for us try sticking in all the words and the letters and capitals at the beginning of new sentences plus the odd punctation marks cos we understand that then you may get sensible answers. Plus being smart arse only makes you llook a pratt!!
    Bon chance in all you do mupp! what in hells creation is a psychometric bloody exam anyway?
  12. Consider fragmenting, this sentence makes no sense.

    I've made a few corrections for you, it may help next time you go into pedant mode.

    4/10 Must try harder.

    Before having a go at someone's England shouldn't you check your own? He's not writing a white paper for cnuts sake. As you said yourself, being a smart arse only makes you look a prat. (It's one L in look and one T in prat).
  13. ooooooooo get her!!! :D

    Mate you dont have to live with a fcuking teacher who FOREVER corrects my punctuation.
  14. Fair one, my plummy missus always corrects my 'regional' spoken word. A quick "Fook off" normally silences her.
  15. However if she has ideas above her station and continues to question your grasp of the English language a quick punch to the tit's should remind her of her place in the pack!
  16. I do that when my teas not ready or she needs telling twice about something.
  17. If this is an ongoing problem perhaps you could take a slightly harsher approach?
  18. Well I broke both her arms once but then she was no good for fcuk all so it was counter productive, acid in the face is no good either as she just walks into sh1t until her eyes go back to normal.
  19. Those are slightly exterme! A quick punch to the back of the neck leaving her immobilised for a little while should do the trick. It also enduces a vaginal spasm which can have it's advantages.
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