Joining up with a small penis

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by peesNpoos, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Hello i want to be in the Marines, but my penis is below average. Will I be ridiculed and made fun of for this?


  2. What's average?

    It's not the ration, it's the passion.
    Oh, that looks like a penis, but smaller.
    It's not what's on deck, it's what's in the cable locker that matters.
    Never mind the quality, feel the width
  3. Try a cock ring or one of those pump things Austin Powers style. It worked for me!! :wink: :lol:

    Sexually repressed from sarf London
  4. As long as the angle of the dangle is proportional to the heat of the beat who cares.

    Would this be Nails under a new name? lol
  5. Not alot gets passed you boyo!! :D
  6. Have to get up bloody early to beat me :lol:
  7. You reading that paper your sitting on???
  8. Your birth certificate? No you want it? lol
  9. Knobhead!!
  10. Didn't get one of those. It was an apology from Durex mate!!
  11. Is that a below average knobhead?
  12. Ah you're right they've written birth certificate on it across the top of the letter lol
  13. Id laugh if it was funny. But alas it wasn't :D
  14. One step up from pond life but that would be insulting highly intelligent pond life.
  15. That's cos you had to be there!
  16. Below average for who?
    I'm sure it will fit in just fine ;)
  17. Ah so youre speaking from experience then??? :thumbleft:
  18. And there you have it............beefer!! :wink: :D
  19. Experience in what? You being there?
  20. What are you guys on about?

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