Joining up when on bail

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Jan 7, 2009.

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  1. I'm absolutely gutted guys. Got my start date coming up in a few weeks. But something recently happened that's got me arrested and then bailed until the 16th Feb. Which is after my start date.

    I was sat in watching DVDs the other night and then suddenly, without warning, the drugs squad kick my door in and raid my house. My mum was going crazy and they pulled me over the back of my settee and one of the coppers punched me on the side of the head three times. Just goes to show how corrupt and crooked our officers are. F'ucking cowards, is that what they call reasonable force? No way are they allowed to punch people. Made a right mess of my face and i'm considering reporting it. I wasn't resisting at all either. They turned my house upside down and arrested me cos they found a couple of diazipans wrapped up in cling film in my drawer. My mum claimed they were hers and prescribed to her but the police didn't buy it (cos they were in cling film in my drawer lol) and it was enough for them to take me in. They found nothing else. Obviously if i WAS up to summat i wouldn't be stupid enough to keep my stash in my house now would i lol ;)

    But anyway, they took me to the station. Kept me in the cells all night and grilled me for hours. They say a number of people have grassed me up and that i'd been knocking out. I kept saying i'm innocent and my solicitor assures me they can't prove anything. It's just them 2 diazes that my mum has already said are hers anyway. So i'm guaranteed to be let off.

    Only thing is i'm supposed to start training before my bail date. Now i could either tell my AFCO and possibly f'uck things up, and no doubt have to wait for another date at the very least. Or I could start training on the date i'm supposed to, say my oath so i'm in and then tell my corporal i'm due for bail on the 16th Feb?

    I know this is a bit naughty guys but do u reckon it'll be ok doing this? I know i'll get a bit of a boll0cking but i'd rather do this than have to put my date back AGAIN. Plus i'm like 100% certain i'll get let off cos they have nothing on me. The police know this too, they're just doing this to p!ss me off. All I'll need to do is have a day off to report to the station, get the all clear then come back.
  2. You sure do put a lot of effort into these :thumright:
  3. So, you had your back door kicked in by a load of men with truncheons and big helmets. It's time you stopped going to those sorts of clubs.
  4. Ha ha ha ha I mean, gutted for you geezer. When I was grassing you up they said they'd take it easy...Never trust the Sweeney!!
  5. Welcome back Nails. Happy New Year.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "ACAB", right? Change the feckin' record... :yawn:
  7. Well I'm on my way up today with my solicitor to press charges against the pig that twatted me. I intend to cause as much mayhem over this as possible.

    One thing i've learnt about the five o over the years is that they are a bunch of lazy f'ucks who don't want any hassle. So i'm gonna strike up a deal with em. I will drop my complaint againt the officer who hit me if they bring my bail date forward. The bunch of crooked f'ucks might accept cos they know they have nothing on me they're just trying to make my life difficult, but i can atleast cause them some agro over the complaint against the officer.
  8. Yawn!!

    You must be a crab with all this time you seem to have on your hands. Go and guard a fcuking airfield!!
  9. I don't realy think this is the attitude that is really wanted in the navy today.

    Also the plod get pissed of when complaints are made against them purely to get charges dropped.

    I do hope your AFCO is reading this and can identify you.

  10. I really don't understand what you're on about mate. I hardly spam the boards all day long do I! I've made two posts in weeks.

    I've told you who I am. I'm a civvie about to start RM training. I've never had any previous military experience. I'm not trying to be anything i'm not.

    Maybe you could take your time to HELP as opposed to throw random insults at people you don't even know!?!?!?!
  11. I understand that 9 times out of 10 you'll lose against the filth if it goes to court. Cos they're a bunch of crooked bastards. But what else am I supposed to do? At the end of the day you're innocent unless proven guilty. and the five o can't prove sh!t against me. All I'm interested in is starting training. But because of some meddling pigs i've got to make bail on the 16th feb. They've been looking for an excuse to do me for something for years so if i miss bail they'll take that opportiunity to f'uck me royally.

    I doubt the marines will kick me out after i've attested just cos i'm on bail. Especially if i explain the situation to my troop commander.
  12. Nice but i aint biting :thumright:

    Must be slow where you are so off to the NAAFI for another pie with you!!
  13. Nails - have you spent your Christmas watching reruns of those old Police Academy films again.
  14. Blue oyster bar seemed to be a great hit with him and his beef mates. :thumright:
  15. Have you got a good solicitor who specialises in Criminal work esp wrongful arrest and possession, Nails?

    How did you find him/her?

    Have you applied for Legal Aid?

    Just wondering ..........
  16. The implication of all this and your language suggest an involvement in drugs at least in the past if I was your troop commander I would say bye bye, trouble like yours I can do without.
  17. Come on maxi everyone knows this is just a bite!! Nobody can be this bone can they???
  18. You can't be sure these days, but I would be happier if you were right.

    Will Nails fess up, I doubt it.
  19. A few more questions Nails.

    Which specific offence have you been charged with?

    Have you been summonsed to appear in court or are you expecting to be summonsed to appear shortly?

    Which type of court was it/will it be? County? Crown? Or a third type?

    Something else. This concept of "bringing a bail date forward". Bail dates?

    Something else again. Were you examined by a Doctor and photographs taken to attest to your injuries?
  20. Now you have stumped him - big time.

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