HI Guys,
so finally my medical and fitness is next week.

Once passed i am wondering how long it will take me to get into the navy or the next process after this as warfare officer?

Thanks guys


You’ll still have to have an interview and then the admiralty interview board, make sure you brush up on this kind of knowledge before your interviews as they expect you to know a fair bit about the navy and what you’ll be doing and why you want to do it etc.


haha, think i did it in a rush... looking for positive information not negatives- i know how the process works and what comes next- i asked timescales :)


i know how the process works and what comes next- i asked timescales :)
Apologies I misread your question, when I got told the earliest I could re sit my psychometric testing was March it would then be jan 2019 my earliest join date so it would seem wait time is the best part of the year but that’s just from my experience


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I have an idea.
Close all the recruiting centres and all new entrants come here for advice!!!!


WO candidate here. Sat my RT and did my medical triage phonecall in September. Got caught up in a 3 month long medical appeal process, then did my face to face medical and PJFT in December.

I have my SIFT (or whatever the official name is now, 'career discussion' I think) at the end of this month. From everything I've been reading - especially since the January intake this year was cut by 25 places - I shouldn't expect my BRNC entry to be any earlier than January 2019 (providing I pass SIFT and AIB of course!).
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Application to AIB 11 months total for RNR.

RT, medical, fitness, career discussion took approx 6months of that (includes small medical wait of 6 weeks). Then long wait for AIB, I *think* this is based on how subscribed the branch of choice is and full time vs RNR.

Good luck and keep in contact with your ACLO.

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