joining up waiting times?


I heard that there is a waiting time of up to a year to join in some branch's? ive appied to join as a E(IS) officer and i have my initial interview on the 18th of october, i just wanted to know how long things normaly take from there?


I think I had my initial interview back in May time and I am off for my AIB on the 26th, reckon I am looking at January or March for BRNC if I pass.

(Thats for Warfare but I wouldnt have thought the time to AIB would be any different, although Engineering only has 3 intakes to BRNC)


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Am not an expert on this particular topic, but if you apply as an officer you will have to sit the Admiralty Interview Board.

At the end of this you will be given a pass or fail.

However, the pass marks are graded.

So if there are thirty vacancies for that branch that term, they will take the top thirty. If you're not in the top thirty then you go back into the mix waiting for the next intake. If there's thirty vacancies for the next term and you're in the top thirty you go in, otherwise it's back into the pool again.

I think!
all depends on what branch you are in, most branches are massivly under staffed, some have are very healthy intake.
When i first went to apply to join in 94 for OM(EW) i was told there was a 1 year waiting list, and tried to get me to join another branch, which i refused, and waited the 1 year. once i had joined and done all my training and got to see, OM(EW) branch was seriously under staffed, only 2 OM2(EW) and 1 LOM (EW) 1 PO(EW) and 1 CPO(EW) on the invince, was pretty hectic when we got deplyed to the Gulf, we had to go on 6on 6off defence watches as soon as we left Pompey, while the rest of the Warfare brance did not go into defence watches until we were at the bottom of the Red sea nearly 3 weeks later, Pretty sh_yte while your having to get some kip through the day and your mess are having a party :evil:

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