Joining up. Trying to decide upon a specialisation.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jamie3500, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. Hey everyone!
    About 4 months ago I began the recruitment process for joining the RN. I've completed the RT, PJFT, Medical, and interview (for Marine engineer). I'm currently waiting or my security clearance to go through.

    Anyway, I'm 22 and studying my degree in business management. After some thought I decided that working as a logistician (either supply chain or personnel) would be more in line with what I've been studying (still to tell me AFCO office I want to change). My questions are:
    - Is there anyone else on the forum shooting for, or in, the same career? What could you tell me about the job in action?
    - Is it possible in the branch to progress from a rating to an officer (with time and hard work?)

    I'm sure I'll have more, but this i a start.

    Cheers guys!
  2. First thing to consider is what do YOU want to do, secondly, all ratings have the chance to become officers.
  3. Thirdly if you want to be an Officer join as one - while you may have the chance as a Rating, it's not guaranteed.
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  4. If you join logistic branch, promotion can be quick. it all depends on how fast you can knock one off in the engine room.
  5. I never attended my highers and so I don't have the necessary UCAS points to apply as one. Even with my degree, which will be completed around may next year, I'll not have the points needed to enter even as a non-graduate officer. However I figured that working in logistics, and having a degree in management, would give me a slight edge for promotion.

  6. Oh, I forgot to ask - up until what point in the process am I allowed to change branch?
  7. You can apply to change to STC from day 1
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  8. Is it not the case that if you decide to change your branch preference you need to go back to the bottom of the waiting list for that particular branch. So that would mean that the 4 months you have waited for ME has been a waste of time as you'll need to start the waiting game all over again for Logistics.
  9. You've lost me there. I meant how soon before being sent off too Raleigh can I change specialty?
  10. What????????????
  11. Pretty certain Graeme's right. If you give up your place at Raleigh as an ME, you start the whole process again.
  12. If youve started the recruitment process your best bet is to continue get through Raleigh then switch branch
  13. You can do that? I'd imagine they would have a slot held for you already at Sultan if you opted for ME.
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  14. Yes they will have a slot at sultan held but as im sure you appreciate not everyone makes it through Raleigh and as such openings in various branches become available!
  15. Occasionally you can do that. If you were to apply and join a factory as a machinist and as soon as you get in say I don't want to do that, I want to work in the office you'll get told to sod off.

    The RN operates on the same principle and won't entertain you until you complete Phase 2 and are in the fleet. There are exceptions but extremely rare.
  16. Apart from that piece of paper that says "you can't switch branch at Raleigh" which you'll sign on day 1. As a sprog ME the chances of changing branch are almost nil.
  17. Jamie

    If you have already been interviewed for ET(ME) but know that you have had a change of mind, try to speak to your CA about this sooner rather than later; don't leave it much longer if you don't want to proceed with an ET(ME) place.
  18. Right, I'd better get on it then. May aswell do it before my security clearance comes through and the process moves further on.I would like to opt a commission but I don't feel I could deal with waiting even longer (while I sit some highers to make up the UCAS points.)

    I wouldn't think I'd need to start the process over again (RT, medical etc) but most likely another interview. It would be a waste of my time and their resources.

    Thanks everyone :)

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