Joining up tomorrow 13/03.06,help needed asap please!!

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Nicholson, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. Just want to know,do I need to take socks and running shorts to Raleigh tomorrow?
    As it isnt in the inventory needed to take on entry

  2. you will need to take your own pt kit..........(arent you leaving it a bit late!)
  3. i got training shoes and a tracksuit as the list says, but i was just wondring if you needed shorts and socks, or do they issue them at raleigh?
  4. i think it would be wise to take your own socks and shorts !!!! i do wonder if you are leaving your preps a bit late tho!!!
  5. Thanks, ill go and get them now
    Dont worry, its all packed and ready to go but when i was packing the question came to me.

  6. no worries good luck tomorrow!
  7. Good luck and it's a piece of piss, in 9 weeks you'l wonder were the time went. Keep warm up on Dartmore though, and enjoy the three feathers princetown i think that was the name of the pub
  8. what branch r u joining
  9. The "Plume of Feathers"

    Bit different for new joiners today, eh? I could have turned up at Ganges in 1967 in the b/buff - there wasn't an item of kit I needed to take - everything from a toothbrush to a duster were given to me, and all my own possessions were sent back home in a box. I'd even had my shortest haircut ever just before going, and they still trimmed me down to the wood.
  10. This is my son actually who is joining today,and as geoff says,when I went to ganges in 74 I didnt need a thing!!

    He is going to be a Weapons Technician(A Greenie to all us old farts!)

    Many thanks for all the help last night.

    Will keep you posted on his progress if you are interested??
  11. Good luck mate - enjoy yourself!
  12. He'd have to take his own sports rig, however they will supply him with P.E. gear.

    Good luck with your son and keep us update!
  13. begs the question........would you do it again hhhmmmmm
  14. Well I am afraid to say I would!!

    How else do you get to meet people who remain friends for life in a way that can never be compared to Civvy Street??
  15. Fair one shippers
  16. maybe - I'm enjoying my time but to go through all that again!
  17. Yep I'd do it again and would love at least one of my sons to join, not sure about my daughter though.
  18. Ganges 1962 Again!! You must be bloody joking!!!1
  19. My other son is thinking about going in the Army,but not Infantry any help aprreciated on that one please??

    He hasnt got any qualifacations by the way,but is into the Physical side of things and he doesnt fancy being a Bootneck either
  20. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Obviously you don't have any in spelling either, but if the lad is that bad he could always try for a commission (qualifications) :wink:

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