Joining up - Tips needed

Its looks good as im looking to join up the RN as a Marine Engineer in the Submarining Service.

Although my fitness isnt great so I am looking for the best tips to get fit. So far im trying to get into a boxing class for the fitness from it but that will only be two days of the week and I'm looking to do 4 days a week until I feel my fitness is ready

Any tips on whats the most effective for the other two days prefferable different things.

Thanks for everyones help from my previous posts


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Run Forest, run! Regular running is the best way to improve your cardio. When I started off a couple of months ago I was doing the mile and a half in just over 13 minutes, did my PJFT last Monday in 11 minutes flat (would have been faster if the gym muppet hadn't insisted on talking to me throughout) and that was just from doing a mile and a half four times a week. Good luck
badminton is very good at testing endurance and also speed.
the obvious ones are running / swimming / cycling etc, but ive been playing county badminton for nearly 2 years now, and i found the run easy.

done my PJFT in 11.02, but i started of going to slow, i didn't know how fast to run so i got half way through my run and realised, ive gotta speed up :?

I do timed road runs in between 9.30 and 10.15, and this is mostly down to the badminton i play, sometimes up to 12 hours a week, hard graft

just my input, but people find their own ways of sorting themselves out

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