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Hi, first post.

I'm looking into joining the Navy as a Warfare Officer (Navigation)

However, I have the chance to work a summer on board a merch ship as an AB, the ship in question is PS Waverley, which has special significance to me, so I really want to go on for the season for the experience.

With that in mind, my question is about the time scales for the whole process. I know after I fill in the online application that I should get a phone call within 2 weeks to discuss. However, I'm looking for more detailed time scales after this point. How long does the initial application process take including the RT, Medical, fitness and then selection interview. Then how long till the AIB and if successful in that, how long until I would be heading to RNCB.

I'm going to have to do a few courses at some cost to allow me to join the Waverley, so looking to find out these time scales to save myself paying all the money, only to have to leave the ship after just a few months/weeks.

Thanks in advance


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Here's a plan, given that you're under no obligation to join the Navy and you can pause an application at any point or complete selection and defer entry (if successful)...

Apply now, if eligible, crack the bits you can do now, then defer entry until you've done your bit on the old paddle steamer so that you've a paid job waiting for you afterwards?

An AIB pass is valid twelve months. Assuming you crack everything on selection at the earliest opportunity without farting about due to lack of preparation or fitness, you should be able to go from test to AIB within 3 months if there are no delays at medical through lack of foresight or an unco-operative GP.

Good luck.
Hi lain,
I applied around June 2013, sat my RT in July, medical & eye test in August, fitness test September, SIFT Novemver, FATs in January and I have an AIB date in April. So just under a year for me but I imagine it depends which AFCO you're applying through.

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It has taken me about 2 years to join as Warfare! I know one guy I did my AIB with got pinged for entry to BRNC only a month later but those of us who had full time jobs were given the next entry date. It depends on how your AIB goes and would agree with Ninja_Stoker here on the deferred entry. If you fail at AIB you have to wait 12 months before you can try again. If you say your AIB is in April, even successful you'd be waiting until September or at least November to go to BRNC.
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