Joining up questions.

I am a 31 year old man from Belfast, Just have a few questions about serving in the Royal Navy.

Currently I am a mature student at Queens University in Belfast and about to finish my Law degree. I was considering graduate recruitment into logistics and maybe eventually as a Barrister for the Royal Navy.

Mailed our local recruitment office but nothing back yet as regards the graduate scheme.

Coming from a legal background what would a Logistics officer typically do? Please excuse my stupidity here lol.

Does anyone on here know anything about recruitment from within the ranks for the Naval Legal Service?

I also wear glasses for reading at distance, would that matter?

Thanks in advance for the help.
further reading shows I may be in bother. I have well over 5 gcses A-C incl maths and english but no a-levels.

I completed two Open University Law modules while working full time to gain access to my degree (scored over 2:1).

So technically whilst I'll have a degree from a good university I am underqualified as I have 0 ucas. ARGH.


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There is unfortunately limited leeway with accepted A level equivalents so the advice is to take all you certificates to your AFCO to have them checked via fax by the Admiraly Interview Board

It's probably also worth bearing in mind a Logistics Officer needs to commence training at BRNC at least one day before their 32nd birthday. There are only 3 entries per year (Sept, Jan & April/May) & the September 2011 entry is pretty much full of the required specialisations from those who have been in the recruiting system 6-12 months already.
well its my 32nd birthday in september, so thats me snookered for that.

any other options, or is the answer slim to none.

I thought it was 36 "The maximum age for Officer entry varies according to specialisation." :(
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It is theoretically possible to join as a rating up until before your 37th birthday in one of the Logistics trades (graduate pay not applicable) then apply for Officer after joining & completing training. It's by no means assured & the only way of guaranteeing you become an officer is by joining as one.

If the Officer route is considered the only viable route, then it maybe worth having a look at the Royal Fleet Auxiliary who have much wider age parameters.
I see the naval legal service recruits from within the ranks of RN Officers though? Would the RFA still be suitable?

Think I may have just left it all too late. shame.
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To be perfectly honest the odds of becomming a Naval barrister within the Royal Navy are at best slim without any prior legal practice experience beyond the degree.

You would need to talk to the RFA Specialist Recruiters with regard the likelihood of a legal career:

Royal Fleet Auxiliary Recruitment Office
Captain Naval Recruitment HQ
Room G-13, Building 1/080
Jago Road, HMNB Portsmouth

Telephone: 0845 60 40 520

Email: [email protected]

Best of luck.

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