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Hello, I've recently decided that I would like to join as a engineering maintenance technician, I just have a few questions.

I would like to discipline in electrical but on the website it does not state if I can choose this, will I be given a choice of electrical or mechanical, do both, or have the decision made for me?

My other question is, what is the minimum time you can serve in this role? I don't want to be in the RN for 10+ years but its something I do want to do.

Also, what kind of qualifications will I receive? Is it a NC/ND to a HNC/HND job or is it just City & Guilds?

Any replies will be appreciated.


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What's up Freddie, didn't you believe my response previously :icon_smile: ?

Ninja_Stoker 6/11/2012 said:
ET(ME) = Electric & Mechanical

The service will take you as far as a Foundation Degree if you get as far as Petty Officer, you have the option to take it to degree.

Minimum service is 10 weeks Initial Naval Training + 7 months Standard Initial Training Period, (SITP -
The period of time that must be completed which when combined with service at least 2½ years’ is the period after which, an individual may submit 12 months notice to leave.) In other words, assuming you're not back-classed, you'll serve approximately 52 months if you don't opt out in the first 6 months.

As an Engineering Technician you will be embarking on one of the country’s top Modern Apprenticeship Schemes, voted as such in the 2011 City and Guilds Apprenticeship Awards. Training will be a constant feature of your time with us. You will gain National Vocational Qualifications as you progress through each stage of your early career and will have the opportunity to gain a Foundation Degree. We can also help you gain academic qualifications such as GCSEs and A levels. As well as helping you develop your Royal Navy career, everything you achieve will be valued by a future civilian employer and our training has been recognised by the IMarEST and IMechE so that it can streamline your route to registering as an EngTech and then an IEng.

BTEC Level 2 is the threshold, covered in the Marine Engineering Career Course.

Good luck.

Thank you ninja, appreciate it, only thing I am still struggling to understand is can you specifically choose to specialize in just electrical or do you have to do both? I read somewhere that only on the submarines you can choose your specialization, not sure if true though?

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