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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by navy1989, Aug 6, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m new on here and I just have a quick question to ask you.

    I’ve applied to join the royal navy and if I'm being honest ive got my heart set on it. Ive been working really hard to get into shape and have been squatting up on everything that I need to know about the forces. I have an interview on the 24th August, however there’s something that’s been playing on my mind and I just need someone to reassure/assure me.

    Basically, in 2007 I took a drug overdose and almost committed suicide. Now the thing is I never ever wanted to do that. I am sure my drink was spiked as I was out on I night out. I woke up the next day and I couldn’t remember anything from the previous night. I had one counselling session (I didn’t ask for this, I was told to go) and was only in there for 5 mins. The counsellor said there was nothing wrong with me and signed me off. Well it’s been over 3 years since this incident and I’ve been going out every weekend pretty much during that time and nothing like that has occurred since. Ive never suffered from depression and I know myself that that incident was a one off. If im being honest (and I know this may sound strange) but I completey forget about this incident (as I put it into the back of my mind) for about a year. The only reason I remembered it again was because of the navy.

    Now basically I want to know just one thing. Am I going to get into the navy with this on my recored. I’d rather have a yes or a no, because as I said my heart is set on this and I would be gutted if I went to the interview etc and was told then that I couldnt. Id just want to know now, so that I can withdraw my application and move on.

    Thanks for reading and I really appreciate your responses

  2. What has your AFCO said to you about it?
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    So were you p1ssed and then took an overdose and tried to top yourself or was the alchohol the drug overdose?
  4. i was drunk and took an overdose
  5. I imagine this is something that is looked at on a case by case basis rather than one rigid rule, if it is a rigid rule then I'm sure you could get a waiver for extenuating circumstances.

    I'm sure its something you'll have to ask the AFCO though.
  6. You are basing this on what, exactly? Your vast experience of one medical?
  7. Dear God - if you can't say something helpful (because you don't know - and this is pretty well demonstrated by the contents of your post) how about saying nothing?

    navy1989, I understand why you are asking the question here and don't want to wait until you get further down the line to a professional, but only a professional can give you the answer.

    If you're lucky, Angrydoc might turn up and point you in the right direction, but unless by some freakish coincidence he is also your GP and has access to your medical records as well as being an RN surgeon, even he isn't going to be able to be categoric on your case.

    You can't do much more than apply to your AFCO, follow the course through to the doc's, and wait for the definitive answer - which you're sure as hell not going to get on here.

    Good luck.
  8. thankyou for your advice kinross_special
  9. You should have a read of the first post on this thread. It is reliable information from a poster who works in an AFCO.

    Of particular interest to you will be this paragraph.

    From what you wrote in your first post, you should have no problems, and would appear to be worrying unnecessarily (assuming you were being truthful).
  10. I have never heard of anyone having their drink spiked then going on to self-harm. Drinks are usually spiked with short acting benzodiazepines, which make the individual feel more relaxed and may wipe part of the short-term memory. They usually wear off in a couple of hours.

    It is usually hard to be black and white, and there is almost always more to the story than what is posted here. Having said that, there is nothing in what you have written above which would preclude you from entry to any of the Armed Services.

    RN Medical Officer
  11. I would beg to differ. Drinks are usually spiked with alcohol, either a vodka slipped into a pint, or a double/triple given instead of a single measure.

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