Joining up on the 27th of Jan 08

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by guterslohwire, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi all just recieved my joining up date which is the 27th of jan 08 thought i was going to have to wait till at least june - july to get in due to the waiting times for my trade but got this nice little surprise today
  2. what ya joining up as
  3. im joining as a supply chain logistician mate
  4. congratulations i hope you enjoy it im sure you will well done :)
  5. thanks for the message and yes i hope i will enjoy it
  6. good lad thats what this navy needs more logisiticians you'll enjoy it mate then join the black pigs and live the dream
  7. lol ill try and live the dream mate just hope the wife lets me
  8. Is that a new word for a Jack Dusty ??(Sorry,Stores Accountant ? )

    Good luck anyway.
  9. i think it is used to be the s.a branch
  10. for info NICKS SAs are now Supply Chain, WTRs are Personnel, STDs are Catering services (Delivery) and Chefs are Catering Services (Prep) hope that helps
  11. Good luck mate :)
  12. Some say that the CS stands for [email protected] $scran but i wouldn't i'm not like that
  13. Good Luck Mate, Hope you Enjoy it and get too live the dream.
  14. Well pleased for you Wire.
  15. im in on that date too as an ET(ME(SM))

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