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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lozza1972, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. Hi There, My son has passed all his entry tests and has been security cleared. So now he is just waiting for his entry date, he is joining as a ETME. does anyone know when he will expect to receive his date. cheers
  2. Has your son experienced any problems with the new system?
  3. The medical with capita was no issues. was all sorted within 3 weeks. But I think capita are allocating entry dates now so that could be the hold up.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Capita don't allocate entry dates, much as they would like to. They created a tri-service operating system that certainly buggers everything up and delays the selection pipeline but entry dates are currently being allocated manually, much like all other aspects of the selection process.

    Best bet, if he's passed his fitness test, is to call or email his Careers Adviser to request a forecast entry date. I think there are possibly vacancies for this branch in March.
  5. Thanks Ninja, yes he has passed the lot, just a waiting game now. Thanks for the advice
  6. We have new Skimmer ME courses starting all the time so shouldn’t imagine it will be a long wait. Eticc is on its 11th ETME intake since Easter, compared to 3rd SM intake so the place is crawling with them.
  7. he passed the PJFT in early October, got cleared later in October, When do you think he will formally hear about an entry date. His careers advisor has said it could be anytime between April and July. he still has to do his PRNC. so its not looking too go for those dates..
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  8. I'm currently waiting to hear back too, I passed my PJFT on the 19th of December but I'm guessing that due to the Xmas holidays there may be a delay in the process (I could be wrong).
    Would be interested in hearing how everyone gets on with the process on this to see who I may be at PRNC etc. with.
  9. Hi I’m new to this forum, my son passed his PJFT 13th dec and he has just been given his date for Raleigh which is 22nd April 2018. Haven’t received PRNC date yet though.
  10. @Ava J That I'm aware of HMS Raleigh start dates are sometimes given first as they have to allocate the start date and then allocate the PRNC intake - seems backwards but at least basic training start date is known!
    Have no fear PRNC will be no doubt be communicated to him in some way soon!
    Hope this helps?
  11. Thanks for that quick response
    It’s all been a long process which started back in August. I’m so proud of him fingers crossed he makes it through phase 1 training.
  12. That's alright! I'm on night shift tonight so I'll no doubt trawl through the forums inbetween doing some actual work!
    It is a long old process but I think that's partly to do with "if you can wait for a decent career your worth keeping" type thing. My application started in February and I'm now waiting to hear about PRNC / Raleigh.
    What's his name? (if you message me Personal Security can be retained - PERSEC is a big thing) I'll keep an eye out for him at Raleigh!
  13. Hi what’s he joining as, my lad is going in as ETME. Still hasn’t had any joining date yet. He started his application in July
  14. I'm going in as ETME too, my application started in February so I'd say he's probably got a fair few months to wait yet, I did my PJFT on the 19th.
  15. ETWE CIS
    I’m just looking through the kit list for PRNC, it says to take an iron I know they need one for Raleigh but I didn’t realise he’d need to take one to Scotland ??
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  16. Vital for self-defence up there I'm told.
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  17. Irons are like currency! They get used so much everyone needs one due to the amount of ironing
  18. I passed my pjft mid November and still waiting for my start date. I’ve noticed some people passed theirs in December and have their start date already :eek:
  19. @TNSL101 what time did you get for your PJFT? Apparently that's an indicator as to as to whether you get your dates early or not.
    Mine was 11m 14s
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  20. I got 9m 16s. I need to improve my outdoor running though as I’m about a minute off that time when outdoor
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