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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jdot97, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. I join on Sunday (go down to HMS raleigh) im really getting nervous now about being away from home for such a long time etc and how much of a change it is going to be, is basic training really as bad as ive heard it will be, and any tips and advice to help me through it will be much appreciated, also is there anything extra that isn't on the kit list that I should take with me to aid me in phase one?? Thank you...
  2. I dont know yet, but good luck :)
  3. Hi Jdot97, my son passed out of Raleigh three weeks ago, he really struggled with homesickness in the first couple of weeks and I mean really struggled but once he got his head round it he was fine and really enjoyed it, don't bother taking socks or civvies because you get socks issued and won't get to wear civvies at all, it's not bad at Raleigh but you have to learn to do things the navy way and you don't have free time till you have done what is needed and everything is ready for the next day, you will soon get into the routine and make some great friends.
    What trade are you going in as.
    Hope your train journey isn't to long, good luck and a silver sharpie permanent marker is the best thing for marking your black socks etc as it doesn't wash out, while markers do.
  4. You have the regulation iron right?

    All joking aside go in with an open mind and know they want you to pass . You get out what you put in and remember everyone will get home sick at some point. Best advice is find out where the bish is and use thier services, no pun intended. A cup of tea and biscuit and a chat is always good if you are feeling down. Dont think you are the only one who feels a bit homesick sometimes. Its only ten weeks and it is not what the RN will be like after you have finsished phase 1 . Dig in , dont give up , try and enjoy it , make new mates , make yourself proud .

    Check and double check for kit musters , give 110% in phys . Tell your parents when you call it will only be when your down because they wont hear from you when your enjoying yourself. Tell them when you do drip on the phone to tell you to get on with it and are proud of you. Dont give, up tell yourself you deserve this and this is what you have waited for . When the last Friday comes of your ten weeks you will feel a million bucks / quid / euros, in your ones on what will be , probably the proudest day of your and your families life.

    Like Proud Mum, Im just a parent who had to listen to all the ups and downs and there will be lots of both.

    Do yourself proud , never give up never surrender. Best of luck and remember its entirely down to you.
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  5. Best advice is
    1.Listen to your instructors and do what you are told when you are told.
    2. Do not argue with your instructors, they are there to get you through the course.
  6. Fog Watch is real!

    Good luck, best bit of advise, don't piss off your instructors or especially class mates. When push comes to shove they are your best chance of getting through it.

    As Slim alluded too, some things your instructors say may be weird but its Navy life and it is weird.

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  7. Good luck. Don't worry the 10 weeks will fly by. It's a bit of a shock to the system initially, but remember, you're all in the same boat (no pun intended)

    Simple advice is keep your head down, work hard and listen to your instructors.

    You'll have a great time.
  8. Will this be your first significantly extended period of time away from your family mate? As written earlier, they want you to pass. Watching a mini bbc documentary, an officer at Raleigh said during an interview "This isn't a bootcamp. This is Phase One, and we want recruits to pass. So we'll help them every step of the way". You'll be in good hands mate, just have to man up for 10 weeks. You'll probably be too busy to be homesick anyway ;) I'm still waiting for my dates, but from all the research I've done on Raleigh you will be kept busy constantly. And I believe you can phone home during phase one also so you're not completely isolated from family and friends :)

    Below is the Raleigh documentary if you're interested. Good luck friend.
  9. As is a long stand, glass hammer and shark watch


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